Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hey, Remember Me?

(Sigh)... Am I really here?..  And for my next question,  "Is anyone else here?"

Life has had its twists and turns, and still it is ever changing and rearranging.  Honestly I just hang on for dear life sometimes!  Long story (or stories) short. I have moved, and I am presently working two jobs...  (which should explain what little time I have to blog.)   But I am most happy to say that I am now a very proud "Grammie"!!  So-oooo, taking in all the good and the bad as I go along, no matter how crazy things may seem sometimes, I still do my best to always count my blessings!  It's a wonderful life!..   I'm just sorry it all has directed me away from the world of "Blogland" the way that it has.  Sadly, sometimes I have even considered taking the blog down, as I just cannot give it the attention I wish that I could anymore.  I guess I can only ask for any followers still out there to just let me know if I'm worth the visit...  I'd be happy to try to post what I can from there.

For now, while I'm sure many of you are already jumping ahead to share a multitude of inspiring Autumn crafts and decorations, I thought it would be nice to show you a wreath I recently made for my front door, still in the spirit of a wonderful Summer that's not over yet!

I enjoyed making this...  Well...
Actually, I made two!  One for me,
and one for my daughter.

Made with 99-cent pairs of flip-flops, you could probably catch them now on sale for 50 cents a pair! The base of the wreath is a metal wreath, purchased from my local Walmart.

(I cut approximately 50 or so fabric strips in each color)

I cut a good many scrap-fabric strips, roughly about 3/4" x 5" each, to tie onto the metal wreath, thus filling in the empty spaces in between the flip-flops.

(Once these were painted, I sprayed a protactive sealant on them, 
and then added decorative centers,)

Finally, I made flowers out of cupcake papers, but quickly found that glue wouldn't hold them to the flip-flops, like I hoped...   So, I ended up stapling the flowers onto them, carefully hiding the staples under the top layer of flower petals.  (I don't know how someone else would go about this, but it worked for me!) 

Well, here it hangs on my door, finally, before Autumn calls upon me to set out my pumpkins and scarecrows instead!...   Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I hope I've inspired you to try making one yourself, be it for this year or next!