Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hey You!

"Yes, you!...
the one reading this.
You are beautiful, talented,
amazing, and simply 
the best at being you.
Never forget that."
(quote found on Pinterest; author unknown)

Collage Obsession set a challenge with
the theme being, "swapping heads".
So I decided to play along for this round...

I took the head of an owl from an owl post-it kind of note pad, then added it to the body of a Julie Nutting Prima Doll Stamp.  Then I looked up owl quotes, HERE, and narrowed it down to one that I thought was cutest for this particular tag...  Next, I decided to make two.  I then added miniature crochet doilies, silk fabric yo-yos for flowers..  some beads, lace trim, and a stick pin made from one of the heart beads I've been making. I inked the edges of the tags, and of all the words, and then I was done.  One is to keep for myself, and one is for a friend.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hippity-Hop, Don't Stop

Oh, but I've just GOT to stop, to say I hope you all had a blessed and very Happy Easter!..  Then, quick, like a bunny, I also want to share a few things I've worked on in the past couple of months!

First I made a rectangular sort of crocheted doily, 
with St. Patrick's Day in mind...

This was inspired by the crochet pattern, found HERE, where the motifs just looked like shamrocks to me!

Very easy this was to whip up, I put some of my scrap yarns to good use, and I'm very happy with how it came out.

As the Spring season sets in, and the weather's been warming up, we've been very appreciative of that, spending time outdoors, and walking our dog again, nearly every day! I couldn't believe my eyes, when one day I saw a bald eagle! Never have I seen one before!..  other than by pictures, of course.  Here it was, our country's national symbol of strength, and the spirit of freedom, was soaring so gracefully and beautifully, just overhead!  Thinking this must be a once in a lifetime deal; much to my surprise, it was only a few days or so later when we saw TWO eagles flying together!  I wish I had the quality kind of camera needed to capture such a sight; but alas, I work with what I have. So-ooo...

I just had to paint something 
in my art journal pages to remember it by!

Speaking of art, I suppose it should be no surprise that my collection of art supplies keeps growing as I grow (I like to think) artistically. Oftentimes, I'm fumbling through my markers to art journal with, or for when I'm making my own greeting cards. I've been very happy with the Letraset Promarkers I've been using, but I find myself seeking additional colors to achieve that well-done, quality look I hope to achieve..  So, as much as I try to keep unnecessary expenses down, I find that a small investment may have to be made for at least a few Copic Markers as well....  But where to put them all?  I could see this would be an issue, so here's what I put together!

Simply, from two Capri Sun boxes, and inspired by Julie Walters' video, HERE, I now have a pretty place to organize the collection of markers that I have, with room to add more in time!

It looks great in my craft room, which I hope to show again sometime, in another post, as it's changed a bit since I last shared it with you!

Recently, I needed a special place to put one of my journals, along with some personal treasures and souvenirs of sorts, so I altered an old shipping box...

(actual size: about 13" x 11" x 4 1/2" deep)

I had a vintage, shabby-chic image in mind, but wanted to keep it colorful..   Nothing in shades of dingy-old browns!  By way of decoupage, collage, inks, laces, and various embellishments, I am very happy with how this came out!  I made ALL the flowers myself, and you'll find that there are a total of 8 doilies; two being paper, and the other six, I crocheted myself!

The black heart stick pin, was made with one of the heart beads I've shown before, inspired by the tutorial shared HERE. (I'm SO addicted..  I'll definitely be making more beads!)

Well, as Easter began to roll around, it seems inevitable that I would find myself making another bunny or two, in spirit of the holiday!  Here's one, made with a clear glass bowl of sorts. 

You can find the pattern HERE.

Then, I made these two...

which are suggested to hold pencils, but later, I thought it would be cuter to use them for holding forks and spoons on the coffee and desserts table, for Easter! The pattern can be found HERE, but I used the containers I had on hand, and had to alter it only in height; meaning I simply added rows to the body, be it in pink or blue.

For my kids at church, I had a much more limited amount of time to make baskets, but I managed as best I could.  I took the bottom halves of empty, 2-liter soda bottles, added a clear plastic canvas handle and some Easter grass...

And all I need to do from there, was add the goodies!  Despite my regret that I couldn't find time to make them any fancier, I find the kids really don't look twice at the "vessel", itself, anyway!..  It seems, immediately, that they just want to see what's IN them! So all in all, I was happy that the kids were happy to get them!

Well, in midst of all this crafting, I have been doing a little baking.  I tried a new recipe, HERE, for Banana Split Bread...


Now, the time I most like to have a home-baked bread like this, would be at breakfast time; but as much as I LOVE chocolate, it's really not my favorite thing first thing in the morning.  So, this bread, for my taste, is more of a snack/dessert kind of bread...  But DELICIOUS just the same!!  I would definitely make it again!

Easter plans went this year as follows:  I made the ham dinner, with all the fixins.  Mom made all the pies. And Dear Daughter was in charge of cleaning and setting up her own house, so that we could all get together there!  And family tradition calls for a bunny cake to be setting amongst the desserts, should we actually have room for it after we've eaten dinner!

Running so down to the wire, I was still spreading the frosting and slapping on a face as we were running out the door!..  but still, I think he still came out cute enough!.. (and he was delicious too!)

I'd say God sent us a perfectly beautiful day for Easter Sunday!  First thing, I put the ham into the crock pot. Then, I went to church, came home and once all the food prep was done and in order, Dear Son and I were on our way to Dear Daughter's for some quality family time!  My parents would meet us all there for the festivities as well...   

The sun was shining! We saw neighborhood children running around their houses, looking for eggs that the Easter Bunny hid..  bringing back wonderful memories of my own kids being so little, doing the same, not so long ago!... God's been very good to me!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!