Friday, February 28, 2014

My First Timmy Tags!

Okay..  I'm not entirely sure Mr. Holtz would appreciate my calling him Timmy to his face, but I certainly hope he wouldn't mind me referring to my tags as I do!  In previous years, I've been reluctant to follow along with the 12 Tags of the Year events, which he holds each year on his website,, only because I NEVER had ALL of the supplies he suggested.

But most recently, I was inspired by a very talented YouTube friend, HERE, who shared that she could make these tags, whether she had all the materials or not!  She proved she could adapt, improvise, and substitute her way around while still following the basic gist of the theme/techniques for the month!  So impressed, I said to myself, "Why not me, then?!  I guess I can still join in, make some tags, and learn what I can from the master, right?!"  Being the end of February already, I figured I'd better get moving then! So, here are my Timmy Tags for January and February 2014...

January's tag called for a good number of supplies I didn't have; the biggest being the pocket watch and circle dies.  But you may recall how I've made my own pocket watch before, HERE in THIS POST.  I recycled old foil seals from frosting tubs, peanut butter jars, etc., etc...   This one is a little smaller, and this time I used the "Gears" embossing folder, made by The Paper Studio, for the front of my pocket watch.

At the top is a safety pin with an old key I don't use anymore.  "Let's get this party started" is just a phrase I clipped out of a magazine.  The stamping is done with Close To My Heart "Capture the Date" stamps.  The background and edging of my tags were done with Tim Holtz distress inks, in vintage photo, and black soot. I'm really happy with how this turned out!!

Now, here is my Timmy Tag for February..

Again, I did not have all the suggested supplies.  I did use my Tim Holtz distress inks, but for the hearts background, I also used the leftover cardboard I had after punching all the hearts for the beads I made in my previous post!

It worked well, and I think I'll be saving it, to use for other projects too!  I love the quote I used..  ha! ha!.. from the movie, Gone With The Wind!  I thought it was perfect for two reasons; one, for Valentines Day, and two, because the Oscar Awards will be taking place soon.  Gone With The Wind is one of my all time FAVORITE movies, so I hand-wrote Rhett Butler's famous line with a white Stabilo pencil for that chalkboard look.  The heart is made from chipboard and glitter wrapping paper.  I added silver paint and stickles, and a silver ribbon at the top..  And I was done!

So that's all for now folks!..  Thank God it's Friday, and the weekend is almost here!  I plan to take down the Valentines Day decor all 'round the house, and I'll be replacin' it with all "me" St. Patrick's Day finest!

Thanks for stopping by today!  

Friday, February 14, 2014

Follow Your Heart

Well, long time, no see!..  I've been fine, but the schedule 'round here has been a combination of complicated, crazy, and just plain never stops; so, by the time evening rolls around, where I find some time for myself, I'm afraid I just haven't been drawn to the computer so much.  But following my heart on this day, here I am, hoping to at least say "Hi!" to everyone, and here's what I've been up to creatively...

By January 31st, I was STILL taking down my Christmas decoration.  I was definitely running a little late with that, but just as soon as that was done, I was putting the Valentine's day stuff up in it's place!  Here are a few new ornaments I crocheted for my Valentine's Day tree...  The first set was made following this pattern HERE...

The next set of hearts I crocheted had wings!  You can find the pattern to make these right HERE...

Here's just a glimpse of my tree altogether!  See my Valentine Snoopy up at the top?  I still think it needs some garland, but I'm very happy with my little tree nevertheless.

Standing at only about 3 feet tall, it's a perfect size for me to decorate year-round.  It always lifts my spirits!  It does my heart good every time I look at it!

Actually, we've been getting hit with a great accumulation of snowfall, these last couple of days; about a foot of it!  Schools are closed everywhere, and we're just staying indoors, till plows and salt trucks can clear things up a bit..  In the meantime, doesn't this little bunny just warm your heart some?!  I quick painted him one night, following a fun tutorial I found right HERE...

On this 2-page layout, I also played and practiced with borders, and then a little bit of icy-cold lettering, which I learned to do right HERE!  I painted these pages in the new art/junque journal that I made myself for the new year, 2014.

I love the purples on this one, 9 x 12" in size, and the lacy trim is just gorgeous up close!  The hanging clock is a chipboard die cut, and the flower is inspired by Fiona, who has numerous tutorials on flowers and more on YouTube.

(3-page spread, inspired by Terri Sproul)

I belong to a few different art journaling groups now, so I'm constantly inspired with countless prompts and techniques!..

(Index Card A Day, for Mini Album Scraps)

Of course, these days, hearts are popping up all over!!

Here are even some beads I'm making myself, in the shape of hearts, that are coming out beautifully!! They're just a smidgen under an inch in size, and I'm still working on them; but they're very simple to make, and are so much prettier when you see them up close...  I guess that's why I'm up to 44 of them, right?!...

Now guess what they're made from...   the cardboard from cereal boxes!!!  Yup, you read that right!..  That, or from tissue boxes, cracker boxes, etc., etc...  Can you believe it?!  I will definitely be making MORE of these, and if you'd like to try them too, you can find Jennibellie's tutorial right HERE!

One last project, for now, of course, is this Valentine's Day tp mini album I'm working on (made from empty kitchen paper towel rolls, to be precise)...  The size of these little albums can be challenging when decorating, but they're still so much fun to make, and I've always been happy with the results!

Oh!..  I shouldn't forget that this now leads me to altering some of the leftover cardboard tubes I had!  I made a few of these...

I'll be using these for some acrylic paint stamping/printing on my art journal pages!  Cute, huh? Wouldn't this be fun to do with the kids/grandkids?!..  I found this very easy tutorial to make them on Pinterest, right HERE!

So that about wraps things up for now!  
Thanks for stopping by, and remember..

"Put your heart, mind, intellect, and soul even into
your smallest acts.  This is the secret of success."
(quote: Swami Sivananda)

Kissy, Kissy!
(I got this with my Christmas money!  I just LOVE her!)

Happy Valentine's Day!!