Monday, June 24, 2013

Pinned it, Made it! Monday #45

Phew!  Hace Calor!  "How 'bout this weather?  It sure is hot!"  But it's also Pinned it, Made It! Monday; hosted by Tammy at Country Girl at Home, and so I just want to share a couple things today...

While perusing through the many wonderful Pinterest posts, I've been so inspired by a great number of things, ranging anywhere from cooking, to crocheting, to redecorating....   to, yes, even cleaning!  However, on these hottest of days, I'm afraid house cleaning takes a back seat.  All I want to do is sit directly in front of a fan...  But in doing so, I also brought out my crochet threads and embroidery flosses to whip up this pretty little patriotic outfit for a poor naked dolly that has been lying around neglected for some time.

Here she is, all set for the 4th of July!!  Now, mind you, I crochet loosely, so everything I do comes out bigger than the pattern intends.  The shorts came out looking like bermudas, nearly down to her knees.  I definitely had some altering to do.  I cuffed them and added the navy edging.  I had to cuff the collar of the top as well, but I'm still very happy with how it came out.  The patterns come by way of several posts, HERE, at a blog devoted strictly to the fashion doll icon!  At Crochet for Barbie, you can find the pattern for the Nautical Striped Top, the shorts or skirt, and several other outfit-patterns to crochet for her!  Many thanks to the author of this blog for sharing her patterns with the rest of us so generously...  My Barbie doll looks so-ooo much happier now!

In the meantime, I also pinned a blue jean recycling project.  It was very timely, actually, as a friend had just given me at least a dozen pairs of jeans she didn't want anymore.  Sadly, none of them fit me, but I now found something I could make from all this denim fabric handed to me!  Between New Old-Fashioned Gal, and Vintage Chica, I've been inspired to crochet my own denim rag rug, to go under the new table I just got for my kitchen!!!  Isn't it wonderful, how sometimes things just fall into place so beautifully?..  I don't find it happens often, but I'm definitely grateful when it does!...   So, I've begun the process of cutting all my denim strips...

I roll them into balls, just like I would with yarn, ready to be crocheted, once I feel I have enough to get started.  I have 3 rolled up so far, and now that Barbie has been well-attended to, I can go back to whip  together some more tonight.

Well, moving on to inspiration I found elsewhere...  I recently watched a YouTube video, via TracysTreasures24.  There, I saw Tracy sharing a new tote she had just purchased, to hold all the scrapbooking tools and supplies that she would often be carrying from one location to another.  Well, I place a lot of trust into the name Craftsman, and I loved the size and all the pockets this tote had, so I looked it up.  For what I thought to be a very fair price; and then looking at the quality and number of totes I had all over the place, I immediately placed my order HERE!..  for the Sears Craftsman 12" Tool Tote!

My thought was to show you a big pile of all that went into this tote, because you'd just never believe it, but I'm afraid time is not on my side for that kind of artful staging today!  All I know is I really love it!  It holds so MUCH...  In my case, both scrapbooking and art-journaling supplies, and it's all right by my side when I need it!  

So-ooooo...  Did you know, by the way, that today is Fairy Day?!..  This is for all you fans and believers!  Remember Disney's Tinkerbell... or maybe Crysta from Fern Gully, or the Sugarplum Fairies in The Nutcracker Suite...    Of course, most of us have fond memories, I'm sure, of the Tooth Fairy, right?!  Remember the fairy godmothers of Sleeping Beauty?..  Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, and the sparks flying over the question of pink or blue?!...

Being Irish, I'm intrigued how fairies have played a prevalent role in Celtic culture as well....  So, today is the day we pay tribute..  "Fairy Day is a day for fairies, magic, and wishes to come true.  For one day, put aside the cynicism of the modern world... Embrace the possibilities of the unknown, and believe in fairies".  Relive your childhood, and celebrate! 

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Pinned It, Made it Monday!

Over the weekend, Dear Daughter and I did a little shopping at The Christmas Tree Shops, and we stumbled on some group/collage-type picture frames we've been keeping an eye open for, for very reasonable prices!   You see, we'd found this Pinterest project we've been wanting to try together; a dry-erase weekly calendar...  really cute, but most useful for keeping track of menus, appointments, and any other little notes or reminders.

Well, I had all the paper we could possibly need, so as soon as we got back to my place, I got it all out and ready to play with!  We made quite a mess, actually, choosing from all the various colors and patterns; but the project was fun and very easy to do. Dear Daughter was quicker than I was, putting one together..   She just knows what she wants right away, and I admit that I tend to fuss a little more;  but here's what we put together...

This was cute of Dear Daughter, I thought, but it's NOT the best picture of me, as it was so-ooooo hot and humid, and my hair was going limp, and I kept wiping my makeup off..  (I have no air conditioning...  just fans that weren't helping much that day.)....    Still, I'm feeling brave enough to post this, because it's more a picture I love for the memory, than for how I looked or didn't look that day.  Now that my baby girl is all grown and married now, it was so nice we could spend this kind of time together!

If you happen to notice, compared to the original in the tutorial, we only have six window frames instead of the seven or eight suggested.  We just thought five windows would cover Monday through Friday, and that we would designate the last window/frame for "the weekend".

Now later, as I was deciding where to hang my finished project, I thought, "Oh no!  My papers all match my kitchen nice and pretty, but they may be too dark to see anything written on them!"  So I'm actually still working on mine.  Here you see I added a smaller piece of white cardstock on the blue windows of the frame, and they now have a matted look about them.

I'm wondering if I may have to do the same with the red windows.  Maybe they're o.k. the way they are... Whatever, the case, I'm very happy with how it's come out, and Dear Daughter already wants to make a second one!

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