Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter 2013

The eggs are all colored...

The dishes are set out.

Our bunny cakes is frosted...

Lots of jellybeans, no doubt!

And while chicks and li'l bunnies are all in good fun...

Let us not lose focus, 
the ressurection of God's Son.

Praise Him; Sing Alleluia,
and God's blessings to everyone!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Washi Tag Challenge #152

Today I'm posting a tag I made for Challenge #152 at City Crafter Challenge.  The theme this week was to incorporate washi tape into our work.  But what IS washi tape, you might ask?  Well, in a nutshell, it basically began as a high quality Japanese masking tape made with rice paper.  Since its origins in 2006, its popularity has grown to become a craft/art supply phenomenon, and can be found in countless colors and designs to suit nearly any preference and project.

In a previous post, I've shown how I've made my own washi tape, in a good number of colors and patterns such as the following you see here.

You can easily make your own as well, following a wonderful tutorial HERE, by Jennibellie...  But for my tag, today, I chose the pink print tape I made, shown below.

Here is my tag, finished, and where you'll see the washi tape bordering the left side.  The vintage image of a woman dressed in her Easter bonnet, can be found at The Graphics Fairy.

I made the rose myself, from paper.  From there I included a paper doily, silk flower violets, buttons, pearls and lace, and finally a pretty pink bow made with seam binding...  But at the top, you see I made a very unique heart shaped hanger...  And here's a little recycling idea I hope you'll like!  Can you tell what it's made from?

These are the little hooks that a pair of socks might hang from, when displayed at the stores we buy them from!  I used E6000 glue to adhere two hooks together, to form the heart.  (the widest ends overlapping, with the holes aligned, and glued upon each other to form the bottom of the heart)  Then I simply applied some Diamond Stickles, and added the little violet to the bottom to pretty it up!  So sweet, and who would ever think socks when they see it, right?!  Little hearts like these would make beautiful embellishments on scrapbook pages or cards too, I think, so remember not to throw these little plastic doohickeys away!

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Somebunny's Busy!

Time seems to fly these days, having done so much, and having so much to do...  How did one Monday become NEXT Monday so fast?!...  And now Easter is less than a week away!!

Well, I've been a busy bunny indeed, but here are a couple of projects I whipped up in my spare time, during the past week.  First up is a new dishcloth.  I've been meaning to crochet myself some new ones for so long, but just never got 'round to it.  Then I heard that Melinda, at MoCrochet, was hosting a Dishcloth CAL (crochet along); this past week, being Week One.  She gave a choice of two patterns to choose from, and I liked the Pretty Scallops Dishcloth.

So pretty for Spring, I'm already making good use of this one!  

As a resident of the "Great Northeast", I'm ever hopeful that Spring IS on its way.   Sometimes Mother Nature can be a bit of a tease, as the temps go up and then down again.  And just when you think Spring is finally here, the weather man is warning you that another foot of snow is on its way.  It can get a little discouraging, especially if you've had your fill of Old Man Winter for the year.

(recycled business envelopes for background in my junque/art journal)

But I'm hanging in there, very eager for warmer days, green grass, flowers, and birds singing in the bright sunshine!  Better days are coming..  I just know it!

Well, on that note, next up is a new rag doll I just made; and she certainly cheers me up, no matter what the weather brings!  Look closely, and you see Easter eggs and paint brushes on the fabric of her dress.  Perfect, I thought, as this new dolly will be as crafty as me, and loving the holiday just as much!

With paint brush in hand, she is ready to color and decorate some eggs for that clever little Easter Bunny to hide on us, just as soon as we're not looking!...

I'm very happy with how she came out; but actually, I think I may still dip her brush in the purple paint, then let it dry, so that it looks like she's still painting the egg in her other hand.  I forgot about that, before taking pictures..  Oops!

Well, I've got a batch of banana bread I want to bake at some point today, and I'm very behind in getting my Easter decorations out this year, seeing as I just barely found the time recently to take down the St. Patrick's Day things.  Maybe I'll get that done tonight, I hope...  Off I run, anyways!

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Celebrate Oz 2013

Today Linda, at Olde Baggs 'n Stuft Shirts, is hosting Celebrate Oz for a third year; and this year's theme was to alter something.  Not long ago, a friend had given me several cigar boxes, knowing I'd find something crafty to do with them; and if not, that I would at least use them for storing my craft supplies.  Well I definitely made good use of them, for all kinds of purposes around here, and I'm just about ready to ask her for MORE!..  But anyways, when Linda proposed we alter something, I readily knew what I'd like to alter, with the spirit of the great classic 1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz, in mind.  So here it is, my altered cigar box...

Here's a little "before" picture...

I repainted everything black, and covered up that image you see on the inside of the lid.  Once that all dried, you see I focused around the blue gingham of Dorothy's dress.

I decoupaged the image I chose, featuring not only Dorothy, but her friends, Lion, Tin Man, and Scarecrow as well.  Then, I proceeded to embellish the box with a combination of paper and silk flowers and leaves...

a crocheted flower I made, a fancy gathered trim,
some pearls and bling...

and I used the Graphic 45 line of papers, Magic of Oz, both inside and outside the box.

Inside the lid, I cut up a paper doily to use as corner pockets to add any tickets or tags I might still want to add.  I have not yet seen the movie Oz, The Great and Powerful yet, but I can't wait to, just as soon as it comes to one of the cheaper theaters!  I'm sure I'll be saving my tickets for that!

On the bottom of the box, I added wooden macrame beads, painted in black acrylic paint...  And there you have it!  Finished, and ready to store any favorite little memorabilia I might want to save inside!

If you have not yet seen my mini album, based on my favorite characters and scenes from the movie, The Wizard of Oz...

then I hope you'll also take a look at it, on my YouTube video, HERE.  It is really my pride and joy, of any scrapbooking I've ever done so far!

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Make Your Own Dress Form

Today The Polka Dot Closet is hosting its  

For a very long time prior to this event, it was my intention to make my own dress form with a dishsoap bottle, and now just seemed like the time to follow through with that plan.  So I gathered up some supplies.  What I used were as follows...

One clean and dry dishsoap bottle, (bottom of bottle cut off so that piece measures approximately 7" from neck to what will be the bottom of dress form; discard the rest.)..   One cleaned and dried pint-sized ice cream lid (mine from my favorite flavor of Ben and Jerry's!)...  One empty paper towel roll...   Basic white glue...   Strong tape...   Strong Sturdy cardboard...  Some E6000 glue (or other strong glue of choice)...   A handful of stones...  Some inexpensive acrylic paint...  And strips of newspaper.  That's it, and you can get started!

I first took my paper towel roll, and cut an open slit, straight up, lengthwise.  This way I could squeeze and overlap the roll to fit the neck of my dress form.  Then I glued it into place with E6000 glue.

Next I traced the size of the bottom of the paper towel roll onto the top of my ice cream lid (which will become the base of my dressform).  Cut out the hole with scissors or exacto knife, then tape paper towel roll into the cut hole of the lid, and tape in place, making sure to cover the opening of the paper towel roll as well (sorry, not shown).  

I think you could get away with using masking tape, but I trusted the strength of duct tape more. Tape the top of the lid into place as well.  Make sure your dressform is standing up straight, not tilted.

I then traced the base onto a thick, sturdy piece of cardboard for the bottom of the base.  I filled the ice cream lid with just enough stones to fill it; then I taped the cardboard circle I just traced and cut out, to cover the stones and lid, and thus complete the bottom of the base.  I used aquarium type stones, but you could get them from your own back yard...  or even perhaps resort to something else on hand, like cat litter perhaps, or sand??  You're just welcome to use whatever you have on hand, that you think may serve as a good enough weight to keep your dressform standing.

You are now ready to paper mache your dress form.  I took glue and water in approximately equal parts and mixed them in a disposable bowl.  I then dipped strips of newspaper into the glue mixture and proceeded to cover my dressform.  Most times, I found the smaller/narrower my strips of newspaper, the better.  You will get the feel of it as you go along.  Cover EVERYTHING, including the open top and bottom of the dishsoap bottle.  Let dry, then begin a second layer of papers.  Let completely dry again.

Finally, I painted my dress form with an inexpensive acrylic craft paint, in this case white, but you may prefer to go a more antique-looking shade of color.  That is totally up to you.

You may also choose to go a step further, to decoupage patterned tissue paper, pretty paper napkins, or old sewing pattern pieces to your dress form.  You could go with a crackle paint of some sort...  The sky's the limit from here.  You can go as fancy-schmancy as you like!  As for me, I glued a little lace at the bottom, and I'm just tickled pink with how it came out already!  But I can't wait to go on now to dress it up!  Hopefully, I'll be able to update/post again sometime soon, to show you the finished outcome of it all...  So stick around.  I'm not finished yet!

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*Note:  This project, tutorial, and all related photos are copyrite protected.  Do not copy tutorial or any photos.  You make mention my blog, and link to this tutorial, but please, DO NOT STEAL as your own.  Thank you