Thursday, February 21, 2013

Put A Little Love In Your Art

Here are the latest scrappy and crochet projects I've worked on most recently.  As you'll find, Valentine's Day provided much inspiration for most of it!

First, here's a page I did for my life mantras journal.

  The theme was "follow your heart".

"Dare to believe that good things are possible when you follow your heart."
~Bryant McGill

I made the heart following a tutorial found HERE.
I made the heart buttons myself, out of cardboard,
tissue paper, and pearl paint.

I love how the heart unfolds and opens to allow for personal journaling, photos, or any scrappy tidbits I might want to add.

Next scrap layout shows a card Dear Daughter gave me, on the left; and then just a scrappy Valentine page I had fun making to the right of it.

The right side flips open, for personal journaling underneath.

Next is a full layout, not focused on love, but which I loved to put together! The left side page ispired by Chinese New Year...   the images coming from an old Little Golden Book, The Jungle Book, so worn, probably from a yard/church sale.  It was not worth saving as a whole, but I still knew to hold on to some of the pages for any personal scrapping/crafty needs later.

So you see, I just pasted the images of Shere Khan, the bengal tiger, and Kaa, the python, along with my written, off-the-cuff thoughts of the two relating to this occasion. 

Next page, to the right is inspired by an article I read, and by an art prompt over at Art Geeks.  The idea was to paint your own creatures of whatever sort.  While my creature is not overly imaginative or original, necessarily, I thought the pigtails were a cute touch, and I just had fun sketching and coloring her while watching t.v. last night...

The gold heart was cut from a wrapper, from a piece of valentine candy I was snacking on at the time!  (It's a sickness, I tell you.  I can't throw anything out!)

Finally, my next project to share is in crochet.  I LOVED making this pair of hats for my niece's two young children...  a Mickey hat for her son, and a Minnie hat for her daughter!

The pattern, which can be found HERE, at Repeat Crafter Me, suggested using buttons; but considering their ages, I did not feel comfortable adding them to the hats, worrying about the possibility of pulling them off and choking on them.  I also altered the bottom edges of the hats, seeing as I could not fit them to the kids' heads personally.  I had measurements for circumference, and that was it.  I made the cuffs roll-able/unroll-able for as best an all-over fit as I could make.  Best picture I've got so far, but still, aren't the kids adorable wearing their new hats?!!  My niece loved them, and all my thanks to Sarah, for sharing her pattern!

Well, that's it for now.  
I hope everyone had a very Happy Valentine's Day!!..  
And thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Home Is Where... can hang ALL your hearts!

I first saw these hearts at Pammy Sue's blogScotty's Place, and was immediately inspired to get out my yarn and hooks to make some of my own!

I crocheted a total of ten of them...  at least so far; and basically following the patterns found HERE. My own variation was to whipstitch the hearts together, rather than single-crochet around the heart.  Then I decided to add lace, ribbon, and pearl strands, to give just a bit more of a Victorian look about them. I gifted one of them to a friend this past weekend, and Dear Daughter will pick whatever she wants from the bunch, later today.  From there I'll share the rest of them with others for Valentines Day!

In what little free time I've had, when not crocheting, I did a couple of quick junque/art journal pages.  This first one is a paper doll of sorts.  I did not sketch it...  Nor did I paint it.  I felt like paper-piecing this little rag doll together one night...  Just cutting and gluing, and a little magic-markering!  So simple, but she definitely makes me smile!

Then, another night, I played with  Martha Stewart's new circle edge punch!  I have to admit, I messed up the first circle, not following directions properly.  But the second one, which looked much like the sun to me, came out perfect...

I really LOVE this new punch set, because now I can make all my own paper doilies, myself, instead of having to buy them every time I run out!  "It's a good thing!"

Thanks so much for stopping by today!