Friday, January 11, 2013

Last Year To New Year

I once read a quote that said...

"Time is what prevents everything from happening at once."
(John Archibald Wheeler)

~But by my interpretation?...  Hmmm...  I beg to differ!  I seem to find that everything always DOES happen at once!...  You know the saying, "when it rains, it pours."  But I don't mean to come across as if I'm complaining, because over the holidays, it's been "pouring" in a GOOD way!  And I really hope that all God's blessings have been doing the same for my friends in Blogland as well.  I hope you all your holidays were the best!

So, I guess I'll just briefly (as I possibly can.. ha! ha!) summarize a little about our Christmas for 2012.  First I made my own Christmas cards, for a second consecutive year.  It's a lot of work, as you might guess here...

...but I love doing it.  I really do put my he(art) into them, and have since received many good comments and reactions about them, so I think I will be making my own cards again next year!
(stamped image is Simply Gorjuss, Rose)

It would probably be a good idea to start them earlier next year, I think!!  (wink, wink)  Yes, this would be a very good idea!...  And I'll make extras, because I always seem to get new cards from new friends that I didn't expect to!  (Again, I'm not complaining.  I do recognize, and thank God, for what a blessing this is!) 

Typically, the holidays can be the biggest wedge between a very good friend and myself.  Because of her religion, she does not celebrate/recognize them in the way that I do.  There was one key moment where it really bothered me this year, when typically I can just accept it, and honestly just respect her for what she believes in.  So I art-journaled about it, to help sort it out, and settle my mind about the issue...

I was glad in the end, despite our differences, we've risen above them, and have remained  good friends for a good many years now!
(recent girls day out for coffee and shopping!)

I confess I was disappointed that Christmas 2012 was the least productive year I've had in ages, in reference to the amount of Christmas cookies I had time to bake.  I made TWO BATCHES.  That's right..  Just TWO!!   (shaking my head in shame)...

I take pride in making assortments, and then sharing them with others...  (sigh)  Well, all I can hope for is to find the time next year, I guess....  I was glad to at least make some GINGERBREAD MEN!  They definitely take some time to make, but were so-ooooo GOOD!..  Totally worth the effort!  (Yes, and the dog thought so TOO, but that's another story!)

Christmas Day was wonderful!  Dear Daughter and Dear Son-In-Law came over for the day.  Here's a picture of me and the kids...

I cooked up a big breakfast, then later a big dinner!  Kobe was there too, so poor Tuffy (our cat)  hid under the tree all day...  Oh, but wait a minute!..  You haven't met Kobe!!  I can't forget to announce that not long before Christmas, Dear Daughter made me a grandmother!  Oh, not in the way I still hope for, maybe, someday...  But well...   I introduce to you, my new grand(fur)baby, Kobe!

Isn't he the CUTEST?!! (Oh my gosh, can you HEAR me shrieking with delight?!  CAN YOU?!)...  He's a Shih Tzu, and guessed to be approximately 2 years old or so.  Dear Daughter and her husband adopted him from a rescue program.

 (Dear Daughter and her baby boy!)

While I hear he has a few minor stubborn little habits, for which they are lovingly and patiently training him, he's still just the sweetest little furbaby-boy you ever met!  He's been a most wonderful addition to all our family!

I don't know if you remember how after "The Big Bad Move", I lost all my childhood Christmas tree ornaments?   Oh, my heart was crushed about it...   But this year, my father came by, and gave me the angel that sat atop our family Christmas tree from the time my parents were first married, and all throughout my childhood!  I honestly am in tears just posting this.  Christmas was always my greatest childhood memory, and I am so happy and blessed to have this sweet angel watching over my own tree today.  Isn't she beautiful?!!...  (This year I have silver garland, but I think next year I'll have to get gold garland to better match this sweet family heirloom atop my tree!)

So, no... my tree is NOT down yet, and I have no immediate intentions to do so.  I can only, at this point, commit to doing so sometime before Valentines Day!

Now let me see.  What else can I catch up on?..  Oh yes..  The "Big 5-0" came and went, and it wasn't so bad.  I got through, and perhaps could say I even enjoyed it!  Cake and alcohol made for a very good combination this year!  (Oh, all in moderation of course..  I behaved!)  Here's what my parents got me for the big event!...   "LOVE!!!"

(Les Miserables: two dvd sets and the book!)

I'm just starting the book now, but boy, I don't know how long it's gonna take me to FINISH it!  The book is a good two inches thick and over 486 pages!  (I still can't WAIT to see the play when it gets here! I am really so excited about it!!!)

I'd say this winter has been a faily mild one so far..  At least for some of us in "The Great Northeast".  But as the temperatures seem to go up and down these days, so calls forth the need for all the winter gear we must layer upon layer upon ourselves, just to so much as take the dog out for a moment or two.  Dear Daughter asked if I would make a couple of winter headbands with flowers on them for her; and as I got making them, I liked them so much, I had to make myself one too!

I think we look kinda cute in them, if I may say so myself! 

You can find the pattern (by Edie Eckman, for Red Heart Yarn) right HERE, if you'd like to try making some too!  I thought they were very quick, easy, and fun to make!    

So, here we are, just into the New Year now...  
fresh pages, so to speak...

...with renewed optimism, wishes, and goals...  

and a new art journal I made for 2013, just waiting for all the words, photos, art, and memories I can possibly pack into it!  I based my cover on a favorite peaceful pastime, Tea Time...  And then I just added a few flowers, buttons and beads, a paper doily, and a stickpin to "pretti-fy" it up a bit!...  Next is one of my first pages done, with my new word for 2013, "serenity"....
(heart inspired by Jennibellie)

Last year my word for the year was "peace".  But looking back now, and now facing the new year ahead, I don't feel like I necessarily reached that level of inner peace, or of presence/being... (as Eckhart Tolle would speak of, in A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose.)  I guess I thought focusing and art-journaling about it all would be enough, but no...  Reflecting on the past year, I had to think deeper; and then the answers I came up with all seem to have already been written, in what is already very well known as "The Serenity Prayer"....

I think, if I can remember, and live by, what the words say, then I look forward to all the good things I can reflect upon as 2014 rolls around!..   At least that's what I hope!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!
Wishing you and yours a blessed and very Happy New Year!