Thursday, September 27, 2012

Counting Crochet Crows

One...  Two...  Two Little Crows,
One, two, two little chairs...
One big girl serves two crows tea,
Behaving grownup as can be...
(adapted from the original Sesame Street song, Two Little Dolls)

Over the past week or so, I've been gradually changing the look around here, redecorating for Fall, and I had it in mind that I would like to crochet a black crow or two.  So I proceeded to see if there was a pattern already written that would suit what I had in mind.  I found the pattern, Jazz-Crow, by Anu Koski, to be just what I looking for!  I loved the size, and the character, and simply went with colors of my own preference.

As I worked on them, in the course of a few nights, while watching t.v., they reminded me of several famous crows, Heckle and Jeckle; Jeremy the crow, from the movie The Secret of NIHM; and those singing crows from the Disney movie, Dumbo.  Of course from there, I even had the song lyrics stuck in my head, "Well I'd be done see'n about everything,when I see an elephant fly"!...  At one point, I did a little research, just to learn a little more about the bird in real life.  They are said to be very intelligent birds, great learners and problem solvers.  They are not easily intimidated, and will chase away larger birds, such as hawks and owls.  But what a shame, that they're symbolized as bad omens, often associated with bad luck and death.  I even read that they've been depicted as vampire watchers!..  Being a big Twilight fan, that was news to me!
Well, whatever the case, I added colorful fabric ribbons 'round their necks, and added fall flowers and leaves to their hats, and I was very happy with how they came out!  One is for me, and one is for Dear Daughter!

In the way of scrapbooking and artwork, I made homemade gesso for the first time!  Gesso is like a primer for the paper you will be painting and collaging upon, but can get expensive for "the starving artist".  Made with simple ingredients, easily found 'round the house, I store mine in an old jelly jar....   And the pages in my journal now smell so NICE!!!

If you're interested, you can find Tee's Gesso Recipe HERE. I've seen gesso often used for not just painting, but for collage projects as well.

Next, I put together an art journal page for the current challenge, # 206, at Scrapping The Music.

The song of the day there is Rain Red Roses, (found here, or more recently here.  The translated English lyrics can be found here.)  I found the words of the song inspirational, because sometimes I let things get me down.  Sometimes, I am easily defeated, and I find it hard to realize that I'm deserving of good things just as much as anyone else would be...  If I don't have everything I ever dreamed of, it doesn't mean I can't keep dreaming or wishing for them....  And I don't have to dream of just little things.  It's o.k. to dream for big things too! 

Here you see I attempted painting my first rose (and rosebud).  Having worked on it, continuously to get it to look like I wanted, the problem I ran into was not only form, but too much paint, and I began getting more of a pink mess, rather than the red rose I really wanted in the first place.  Still, I think it came out looking like some kind of pretty flower, at least, and now I just look forward to practicing more painted roses.  They don't seem, at a glance, so very hard to do, but again, painting is very new to me.  I just think, done right, they are beautiful subjects to paint, and if I can just eventually master the technique to some degree, I'll be happy with that!

Finally, I leave you with one last picture I took.  We went apple picking over the past weekend, and because my camera wasn't properly charged, this was the only one that came out before the camera died on me.  No, it's not a picture of anyone eating or picking apples.

Still I love this one.  It was a perfectly gorgeous Fall day, perfect for picking apples, OR pumpkins, and for spending time with family!...  Soon, my kitchen will be filled with the aroma of fresh baked apple pies!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!