Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wool-Eater Wednesday

Sarah London is hosting a Wool Eater Crochet-Along, and today's the day to post our progress.  According to the number I read on the Flicker website, as of today, there are 458 members...  My gosh, just imagine all those afghans!! 

I started a little later than most of the other participants, I think; but I'm almost caught up now, being only one round behind the basic crochet-along schedule that is set up.  Each round, in this case, actually means two rounds of crocheted stitches, where 2 rounds are typically done in one color, then the next round is done in two rounds of another color...  Got that?  If you look closely at the rounds and color patterns in the photo, you probably get the gist!

If you remember from a previous post, I mentioned how I was treating this almost like a diary/journaled, mood-of-the-day type of project; one in which I would just crochet a color, and another color, and the next, so on and so forth, according to my mood, or some specific event/occasion going on at the time.  Well, I'll try to briefly explain my color scheme so far:
  1. Rounds One and Two:  I'd read it was a color of balance, order, and safety from fears and anxieties, while it also symbolizes growth, so it seemed to me that green was a fitting color to begin with!
  2. Rounds Three and Four:  Soon after I had just started this afghan, I heard that Etta James had passed away.  My own personal favorite song by her is "Misty Blue", so for the next two rounds, I went with blues; one dark blue, and one a misty shade of blue.  
  3. Round Five:  Next, Dear Daughter and I were off to a big Bridal Show event, and I had never been to one before!  It was quite an event, and so my next color was a white, in honor of my daughter and all the brides to be that day!
  4. Rounds Six and Seven:  Next came Chinese New Year, and having read a little bit about that, I found that red and gold were traditional colors when celebrating this event;  hence the next two rounds of color.
  5.  Rounds Eight and Nine:  Soon thereafter, I remember a big jewelry event on one of the shopping channels, on t.v...  There were many items made with turquoise, and oh, how I'd love to have a pretty turquoise ring someday!  The necklaces and bracelets were all so pretty too!...  so where the afghan was concerned, I was in the mood for turquoise!
  6. Round Ten:  The next round of white comes from a blanket of snow I woke up to one morning.  It was pretty, but it didn't last long.... which actually made it all the prettier to me!...  Hence the next round of white!
  7. Rounds Eleven and Twelve:  As I was crocheting this round of snowy white, I really had no color set in mind to do next. This is, after all, a fly by the seat of my pants project!...  All I know, though, is I was so comfortable and cozy, working on this new afghan, while nearby was my little pot of tea and the empty teabag wrappers that sat nearby....  To be specific, the wrappers were purple...  and there you have it!  As of this morning, my afghan measures about 25" x 34".  
Oh yeah...  this morning...  It was NOT a good one.  It was pretty stressful for reasons I'm gonna try to forget.  But I'm gonna let my sarcastic nature take over, and make light of all this, and I'll just refer to it as "peachy keen".  Yes, that's right!  How was my morning?...   "My morning was just peachy!!!"...

So the next color I'll be working on tonight, with my feet up, and a big ol' smile on my face, will be peach!

Well, I'm off to make dinner now!
Thanks so much for stopping by today!