Monday, October 24, 2011

Meet My Cousin It!

Here's a little somethin' I put together 
for a swap I was in at Blissful ATC Swap.  

October's theme was Halloween monsters.  

I had a little difficulty deciding what monster I wanted to go with, at first, but then I thought out of the box, just a little, realizing my monster doesn't have to be scary, right? 

My swap partner, Victoria, has received her card, so now I'd like to post this in conjunction with a new Wednesday event...

I'm afraid the technique I resorted to felt a little unethical...   totally out of character for me...  I mean, to do something like this to a doll...

You all know how much I love my dolls!  Honest!..  I felt really bad about it, but I needed her hair for my ATC card!

I decided I wanted to make Cousin It for my movie monster.  Surely everyone knows him from the t.v. showmovies, even cartoon, all based on The Addams Family!

Here you see the back of my card, where you find Margaret Alford, played by Dana Ivey, dancing with Cousin It, at a celebration held in honor of Uncle Fester. 

The hand has my "handmade" information on the back, but I thought it was especially fitting for this card also because of the character "Thing" in the movie!  It's made using a Crafter's Workshop "Henna Hands" 6x6 template, designed by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.

So, yeah!....  I'm very happy with how my ATC card turned out.  It was really fun to put together! 

Oh, but my poor doll, right?  It wasn't much fun for her, was it?  Well, don't you worry about her.  I did my best to make amends, and she seems to have forgiven me...

I made her a new funky-punky little Halloween outfit, and I think she looks better now, than when I pulled her out the dollar-store cellophane bag in the first place!

I crocheted her newsboy-styled hat (brim flipped up in 1st photo, and brim positioned back down in second photo)...   AND I crocheted her skirt.  Her top is made of black grosgrain ribbon.  Her shoes were originally royal blue, but I "sharpie-d" them black.  I used black and orange permanent ink pens to make her striped arm warmers, then I just "goth-ed" up her face a bit! (No piercings.. I just couldn't do it to her!)

So-oooo...  What else have I been up to?  
Well, I've been very busy with home-schooling, but Dear Son and I like to take the dog for walks, while we can, while the weather is still kind enough to allow such a privilege.  One night we came across this sweet little find, sitting roadside, abandoned, just tossed atop of a garbage can... (Gasp!)

Apparently the house was for sale, and not opting to hold a garage sale, the family was just cleaning up and throwing out!..  Well, I grabbed it, and heavy as it was, I walked it ALL THE WAY HOME!

Dear Son helped carry the painting, titled "Before The Mirror", for me.  Later I, of course, had to rearrange my entire bedroom to FIT my new-found treasures, but I love them both!

Inside my new Crosley record player was an album, The Best of The Ink Spots, already in place and ready to play!

Oh, and with it also came two collections of Glen Miller.  Yes, our arms were full on the walk home, and yes, Glen's a little before my time, but I have many moods and tastes for music, and I can appreciate Glen Miller, just as much as any of the current stuff there is!  I love ALL kinds of music!...   Just look at these jackets on the two collections!

  Like hardcover books!  You don't see them like this anymore!

Anyways, THAT turned out to be a fun "walk"!!...  One other fun thing we did recently was to go apple picking!  The weather was perfect, like Indian Summer!..   A few days later, Dear Daughter asked me to show her how to make Apple Crisp... we had fun whipping up a couple batches together!  (Actually, these are gone already, and I'm hoping to make MORE!)

Special thanks to Wendy, at Blissful ATC Swap, and to Jenn, at Wicked Wednesday ATC Challenge Blog, and to Vanessa, at A Fanciful Twist

for hosting her 2011 Halloween Party (for which I am a little late showing up for, and I hope she'll forgive me)...   Thanks to all for hosting these fun events!  I hope you'll check them all out!..   And then, big thanks and hugs to all my visitors for stopping by to see me!!  Have a great day!