Monday, January 17, 2011

My First Mini Scrapbook

Before the rush of the new week begins, I thought I'd get a quick post in.  Dear Son and I were watching the football games yesterday, and I got some crocheting done while they were on.  I whipped up a good sized batch of hearts, to make a garland for Valentines Day!

I still have not taken down my Christmas decorations, because I just plain HATE to...   But new Valentine decorations tend to help make the transition a little easier!  I guess I'll start with the kitchen tomorrow, and go through the rest of the house from there.

I mentioned most recently that I was trying my hand at scrapbooking.  Inspired by many videos and tutorials, such as, for instance, THIS ONE, I decided to make a TP Roll Mini Scrapbook, just to get a feel for the craft.  Well, I fell hook, line, and sinker!  I LOVED it, and can't wait to start MORE projects!  I don't have a video camera, specifically, and I've never yet tried the one on my camera, so this method of sharing my Christmas Scrapbook will have to do for now.

I must say, I've been a little surprised at how some people seemed discouraged, or were discourag-ING, about how expensive scrapbooking is/will be.  I made a small investment towards this scrapbook, but it was minimal.  I suppose someone who is just starting this craft, who has never crafted for as long as I have been crafting, would have to start with some greater expense than I did; but a little imagination, maybe a little recycling, and all kinds of odds and ends around the house can get you started!  Why this whole project starts by recycling bathroom tissue rolls!..  No major extra expenses there!...  To learn some basics on how to make your own, go HERE, or HERE.  Much of the materials I used were Christmas wrapping papers, tags, gift bags, and greeting cards I already HAD on hand!

Instead of brass/metal binder rings, to hold your scrapbook pages together, you can use plastic ties...

for much less money, and plenty left to make lots more scrapbooks!  Besides, who even sees them with all the ribbons and charms covering them up?!!  I did not use any fancy-schmancy hole punch/eyelet setter for my album.  While I'm sure they are nice, and quite handy in their own way, I bought myself a little 30-pc. eyelet kit, brand new at my local department store,  for less than $4.00.  I thought it worked very nicely.

Most of us can easily find some old shirt(s) for buttons, right?!   Fumble around through your old/broken jewelry for charms and embellishments.  Peruse those old magazines, any stationery, or books for graphics. 

If perhaps you'd like a couple of ideas from a beginner...
Look at the buckle on the Santa belt/belly band.  

That's a soda pop tab!

See the picture frame I used here?

It's the back of an old 2 of Clubs..  
I just cut out the center!

Take a look at both of these Christmas ball ornaments 
with photos underneath them. 

One is decorated with the tear-away part of spiral notebook paper, and the other is decorated with the leftover strip from page reinforcements...   Oh, it's a sickness, I laugh, saving the things I do sometimes!  I hate to throw things out;  but you see what I mean?!  You don't have to start the hobby by buying up every ink, stamp, paper, tool, or $200 paper cutter they've got out there, just to start a SCRAPBOOK;  so don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

It was funny to me, as I was making my first little scrapbook, and making all the little windows, doors, flaps, and various little surprises and hiding places throughout the pages.  I remembered Cleopatra (Elizabeth Taylor) telling Julius Caesar (Rex Harrison) how "there are doors... and doors".  That's very true as you make one of these!  I think that the more doors you make, the more of a treasure your scrapbook will be!  My own little mini album holds many more photos than I could show in this post!  You would be amazed at how much you can pack into such a little scrapbook!

Oh, there are some gorgeous books I've seen made by those who are lucky enough to have all the best tools and supplies to work with, and sure I'd like to build my own stash up a little bit at a time.  I'll be starting my next scrapbook during the week!..  This one will be a paper bag album, so it will be fun to try new materials, tools and techniques this time around!  HSN will be airing a "Scrapbooking Anniversary Party" from Wednesday night into Thursday I hear, so I'll definitely be checking that out! 

Hoping everybody had a great 3-day weekend,
and thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Holiday Memories and Wishes

"Somewhere in my memory,

Christmas joys 

all around me,

Living in my memory,

All of the music,

All of the magic,

All of the family home here with me"
(John Williams, 1990)

Happy Holidays from my house, to yours!!

Well... I've just got to show you my tea set from Emma,
but no "Present 26" feels like quite the dilemma!

We've been spoiled you see, and must do this again,
Should LaaLaa, perhaps, continue this trend!

So now you've seen my "Christmas Past",

How does it come and go so fast?!

Hope your Christmas was the best...
Full of laughter, fun, and fest!

May the wind, I wish,
always be at our backs...

and the sun on our faces,
(uh oh, here it comes) we stuff them with snacks!!  (ha! ha!)

Oh the calories...  I can't bare to think.
I'll just shop higher end, where sizes look better! 
(wink! wink!)

May you buy..  Oops!... 

...TRY new things, as you ring in the new year,
 Relinquish all doubts..  any worries or fear!

Here's a pillow I just finished makin',
but there's still something new I hope to partake in! 

I'll always love hookin', 
you never need doubt;
but I've seen lots of scrapbookin',
and just MUST try it out!

May "Wii" all remember the kid in ourselves

today and all the year through...

May we stay out of trouble...
Stay focused and positive!..  Surely this we can do!

Well... I tell ya, I'm all rhymed out for this post,
and my talent for such proves nothing to boast...

I hope you've had fun, friends and fam, coast to coast,
Raise your glass, if you would, for this one final toast,

May you be blessed 
by our Father in Heaven,
May He watch over and keep you, 
in 2011.