Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hace Calor!

Si! Si! It's only ten in the morning here, and already the heat is setting in. We are supposed to reach mid-nineties, but the dew point/humidity is supposed to make it feel more like 105 degrees today!

I've always LOVED Summer, but we girls from "the Great Northeast" are definitely not used to feeling temperatures THIS warm!  It's so caliente! 

I have found myself since yesterday with this one song stuck in my head...  So in the midst of such conditions, and in the hopes of sharing a smile by it, I thought I'd post this video today.  Maybe you remember this song yourself?  Come on now...  We'll get through this together!  Sing along with me!

I have a feeling, unless we can escape to the shopping mall today, I will be doing very little more than lying in front of a fan, probably finishing up "Breaking Dawn"!..

This morning I filled the freezer with as many ice cubes as I could fit, while I figured the safest bet for dinner would be to cook it in the crock pot!  Maybe, if I feel like moving so much, I might even stitch a square on my Blessings sampler.  Tomorrow is supposed to be just as bad, so I just wish everyone well!  Drink plenty of fluids, and keep cool as best you can!