Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hooking -n- Cooking?

Well, I've been fairly busy today!  First, I whipped up a batch of apple dip!  I was snacking on it while watching American Idol last night, and ran out...  Did anyone watch it last night?  Well, the show was great, and now that they're down to three finalists, I've made up my mind! 

I don't know about the rest of you, and I love the other two... but my vote is definitely for Lee!  I really hope he wins!

Anyways, after making the dip, I went on to make a good sized pot of homemade pea soup! I'm the only one in the house who likes it;  but that's o.k., I guess, this just means all the more for me!  I now have several containers stored ahead in the freezer, and lunch was delicious!

Funny though, I guess I didn't realize, Dear Son was not too impressed with the smell of pea soup lingering through the house when he got home from school!  Oh well, I just got out the Glade room spray!  Dear Daughter came over for dinner tonight, and I have to admit... As much as I like pea soup, I still didn't want my whole house to smell like it!  

Soon after cleaning up the morning mess and dishes, and I decided to take a little break, and got out my crochet, while this time catching "The View" on t.v...  I'm working on two projects at the moment, but I decided to finish testing a pattern for Donna, at Smooth Fox Original Crochet Patterns.  It was quick!  It was easy!  I slapped a pom-pom on it, and my hat was done!  I simply used a Red Heart Super Saver variegated yarn, and it came out pretty true to size, I'd say.  I debated on adding the pom-pom, but I ended up thinking "Aw, go ahead... It's cute!"...  if not for me, then for somebody, right?!

Hey, is Shelia around?  I missed her Bathroom Beauty event because my camera wouldn't cooperate that day.  As you can see, it's still not working much better, but at least it's working a little!  Here's me in my new hat!..  Better late than never??

Dinner with Dear Daughter was nice tonight.  I'm so grateful for every bit of time we get to see and spend with her!  Later on, I hope to work a little on both another beanbag kitty, and my Blessings project, while watching tonight's results on American Idol. 

I want to thank CC, at Lace 'n' Ribbon Roses, for the Trendy Blog Award she just honored me with!  Gee, I sure would like to think I'm cool and I'm stylin'!...  staying young, keeping up with the times and all the trends!

One thing's for sure... I sure am glad I have Dear Daughter around to occasionally check up about these things with, when I need to!!  You know!.. like "Are these jeans still in style, or not?"...   or "Is anyone wearing these kind of sunglasses anymore?"...  "What do you mean, nobody wears bobby socks?!"

As for my blog, I try to keep things fresh and interesting, as best I can!  Some days are better than others I suppose, but I always try to keep it a happy place.  I think that's a good trend!  If I have any boo-hooing to do, I'll do that in my pillow!..  Not here! 

Well, if you haven't yet heard, CC has just taken a bit of a nasty spill recently, and I hope everyone's remembering her in their prayers!  I heard Sherry, from Country Wings in Phoenix is back home from the hospital, but I'm keeping her in my prayers too, wishing both her and CC well!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by today!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Berry Cute Trivet!

Today is Rednesday, and I am linking up
with Sue, from It's a Very Cherry World!

It is also Watcha Workin On Wednesday
with Leslie, at My Country Home!

This week I decided to join in on the May Crochet-Along over at Crochet Soiree!  There were two projects to choose from specifically, and I want to do both, of course;  but I decided to make a strawberry trivet first!  The pattern is written to make a "Berry Cute Coaster", using size 10 cotton thread: but when using a thicker yarn, you end up with a nicely sized trivet instead!  So I used Peaches & Creme cotton yarn in red to make my trivet into a strawberry!  It came out to be about 9" in width, and 9 1/2" in length.  

As you can see, I used a pastel green for the leafy top of the strawberry, because that is the only shade of green I had in a cotton yarn. So to tone that pastel down just a tad, I added a darker green rick-rack.  Next, after adding some tiny white glass beads to one side, I then felt much happier with how it looked overall!  New members are welcome at Crochet Soiree, so if you would like to try this pattern out too, then head on over, and check things out!  As for me, I'll soon be working on that second May Crochet-Along...   A beanbag kitty!  Can't wait to get started on that!

Finally, on my way to one place or another, I came across a big, multi-family garage sale!  The weather has not yet been kind enough for people to feel confident in holding any garage/yard sales yet this year, but apparently these people were feeling gutsy!  I was thrilled to find a few milk glass pieces, and other little odds and ends such as this little 5" decorative plate!...

Aren't the red roses on it pretty?!  And the saying on it?  Well...  Isn't THAT the truth?!!

Finally, I stitched up a square for a project I'm working on, My 100 Blessings sampler!  This particular square has a red apple in it, representing the blessing of good health!  

You can see more about this square, and more about this project, on my Beansie's Blessings blog!  If you think you'd like to join in on this project, you can see Amy, at Counting My Blessings, to sign up!

Special thanks to Sue, and to Leslie, for hosting today's events, and thanks to all for stopping by!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tea is for Teacher!

Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day, while the entire week still honors the wonderful teachers out there whom I will forever call heroes!  So today I prepared a small tea party in their honor!  Each and every Tuesday Sandi, from Rose Chintz Cottage & Inspirations, hosts Tea Time Tuesday, an event for all to enjoy.

I have a great deal of respect for those teachers who deserve such honor.  I have come across, from since I was a child myself, right up to present times, while my son is still in school, some teachers who are not so deserving.  This is a field of work where a teacher can touch a child's life so deeply..  and permanently.  It sickens me to think of the ones that really don't like their jobs.  We've all had them!  It just seems to me, that if this is the case, they should LEAVE!    Our kids DESERVE a good teacher, who WANTS to be there!

However, it is those who stay after school, who work all night when they get home, thinking of plans and activities that will spark a child's yearning to learn!  It is those teachers who will ask a child "Can I help you?", instead of hiding behind the excuse "well, the child didn't ask me for help"!..  So many budget cuts are there, that a teacher can hardly staple a couple of papers together anymore!  But then there's the teacher who will reach into his/her own wallet to contribute towards her class!  God bless the teachers who come into class smiling, and go home from class smiling about their day with our kids!  THESE teachers are heroes, and they do not get paid nearly what they deserve! 

If you can read this, 
Thank a teacher!

Si puede leer esto, 
Thank a Spanish teacher! (My daughter teaches Spanish!)

In the above photo, you see a few plastic canvas gifts I've made for teachers over the years. On the left is a notebook. In the center is an apple pencil, and on the right are hall passes!  It's never too hard to just send a little something to thank a teacher on this special day of recognition.  Fill a small basket, or maybe a hand-painted terracotta pot with a teacup, various flavored teabags, pens, pencils, stickers, candies, an apple or some homemade cookies, etc., etc...  For more ideas, look HERE...  Any gift simply tells a teacher you cared and appreciated him/her enough to have been so thoughtful to take the time...  And they appreciate that so much more than you might think!

Well, I certainly appreciate that you stopped by today!  Don't forget to say hello to Sandi, then take a peek at the list of other tea parties taking place in Blogland that you might not want to miss!