Monday, April 26, 2010

My New Flower Scarf

Just recently I discovered a fun new site, Crochet Soiree. I registered as a member right away! The project I joined in on first was the Flower Scarf Crochet-Along. The pattern is designed by Tamara Gonzales. I started it this past Thursday night, and finished it the next day!

I used a variegated yarn with blues and beiges, and so I thought I would post it for Blue Monday!

I knew as I picked out the yarn, that it would go nicely with a beige newsboy-styled hat I like to wear for Fall!

Throw these together with a beige top, jean jacket and pants, some beige high heels, and I'm all set!

Playing dress up is so much fun!... especially in something I made myself!!... Do I dare say I wish it was Fall, so I could wear it?... No way!! Forget that! I love it, but I'll just pack this away nicely for now. I'm enjoying every minute of Spring and Summer that I can, till eventually that time must roll around again!

Be sure to stop and say "Hi" to our Blue Monday hostess, Smiling Sally! There you'll find a list of other Blue Monday participants to visit!! Perhaps you'll want to join them! In the meantime, thank you so much for visiting today, and Happy Blue Monday!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My New Camera Case

Would you look at this camera case? This is the one I've been using for years. It's plain. It's not the least bit pretty or feminine looking at all, and it has no strap. Yuck!.. I don't know why it did not occur to me, for so long, to make one. I think I just overlooked it for so long. It was serving it's purpose for the most part. Eventually, I thought, well.. There are so many pretty ones in the stores. I'll just buy one! But every time I got to the stores, the camera case was entirely forgotten, and apparently I must not have deemed it important enough to add to my shopping list. So, looking at my little black case most recently, I had to shake my head. I HAVE the ability for heaven's sake! It's high time to ditch the old one, and make my OWN camera case! Since Walmart closed their fabric department, I don't have the time to just run to the fabric stores any time I feel like it now. Unless for some really big project that I feel is worth the bother of a road trip, I now look for fabrics by other ways and means. I often recycle fabrics. Most recently I recycled blue jeans!... But often I buy bedsheets and pillow cases which, even brand new, are often cheaper than purchases would be at a fabric store, yet are just as nice in quality! Sometimes I can use old linens, or terrycloth towels too, but for today's purposes, I used this...

It seemed to me this placemat would be perfect for my project! It's just the right amount of fabric needed. I liked the color. Being quilted, the batting and lining are already done for me; so of course, I like this! Now, let me just get comfortable at my sewing machine, here... My coffee is close by, and I think I'm ready to see what I can create with this!

First, I trimmed the sides of my placemat... approximately 1 and 1/2" or so off each longer side of the placemat. This was to leave myself with a size that is necessary for holding my camera and any accessories I carry with it. I saved the sides I trimmed away, to later make the strap of my case. Next, I estimated my seams by folding the fabric, in approximately thirds, to plan where the actual bag would end, and then where the front flap would begin. Once I figured that, I started sewing my side seams, then boxed the bottom corners so that the bag can sit flat. You can go HERE, for a nice tutorial on how to box corners. From there, I put together a strap by sewing one long tube, approximately 11" in length. I pressed the tube flat. Then I formed it into a circle, which was then sewed onto the top of the flap.

I really don't like velcro. In fact, I hate it, so I chose to sew a metal snap to keep my case securely closed. For a little embellishment, I sewed a silk ribbon bow, with a little vintage button to the front of the flap, then I added a silver heart charm to the strap, which says "follow your heart"... And voila! My 2-dollar project was done in just one night, and I've got a brand new camera case that is now SO-oooo much prettier than that other old thing!! I really am happy with how this came out, and I'm thinking this could be a very nice Mother's Day gift idea too!

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Pink Raggy Flops

The weather's been warming up! The temps may still teeter between warm and cold, but the sun has been shining! Flowers are blooming everywhere!... And it's just enough for me to start bringing out all my pretty Spring and Summer things!... Short sleeves, tank tops, spaghetti straps, capris, shorts, and sandals... Pack those parkas AWAY!! It feels good to dress like a girl again!After posting how to make a new pair of flip flops yesterday, the response to that post was so nice, that I thought I'd post a new style of flip flops today!... And in honor of Pink Saturday, they are, of course, PINK!

I found the idea for this new pair from HERE. You'll find a 2-part tutorial for how to make them in full detail. Only a small amount of fabric is needed, really. I chose to work with four different shades/patterns of pink fabrics. Then, with pinking shears, I cut each fabric into 3/4" strips. I then cut the strips into shorter pieces, each 5" in length. Give or take, you will probably use around 60 of these pieces for each flip flop... Actually, you may use more, if your shoe size is bigger than mine. I wear a size 5. Anyways, all you do is tie these pieces onto the top/strap of your flip flop, till it's fully covered. You can trim these lengths of fabric, if you want, once you've knotted them. You have the option to further embellish them, as you see HERE; but I liked mine just the way they were!... So, here I made myself another new pair to flip flops... again, in only one night, while watching t.v.!

Now, I don't suppose I would wear these to work, or to church; but for less formal occasions, I think these are cute, and just plain FUN! In fact, all I had to do now was paint my toes in a pretty shade of pink, and now I'm all set to wear mine for the day!

I don't know. I can't tell. Do you think "Little Boy Bu" likes them?

Hmm... Maybe he just wants me to take him out? I guess I'd better!

Well, my feet are looking pretty stylish now, but I still haven't painted my fingernails to match! I'll do that as soon as I bring the dog back in!

Thanks to Beverly for hosting Pink Saturday each and every week! I hope you'll pay her a visit at How Sweet the Sound, then maybe some of the other participants, who will be sharing their pinks for the day too!...

Oh, and if you like how pretty my blog looks now? It's all thanks to Susie Jefferson, at 1st Floor Flat!

You can find beautiful blog backgrounds, headers, and a whole world of information and goodies from Susie at 1st Floor Flat BLOG-OLOGY, so do head over and check that out! Remember, ya gotta have an 'ology'!! Thank you so much Susie! I LOVE it!

Thank you so much for visiting, and Happy Pink Saturday!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

African Violets Table Runner

About a week ago, I started crocheting my African Violet motifs. You may refer back a few posts, to my April 7th entry, and see how I began with the project. I enjoyed making them, but was unsure how I wanted to pull them all together. Some readers favored the idea of placemats, but I decided on making a table runner. It just seemed to me, that I could make solid-colored placemats to tone down the wide range of colors that might already give my tablescape a bit of a busy overall look.

Having made my decision, I picked my project up and down, during the course of the week. Most often, the time I can find to do that is after dinner, while watching television. Well, finally I finished it... So for WIP Wednesday, hosted by Leslie , at My Country Home, I'm happy to show you how it came out!

It took 25 motifs to make a size I was happy with for the size of my table. The actual measurements came to be approximately 40" in length, and 13" in width.

Now here you see I have set out burgundy colored placemats, as that was the best I could coordinate for today's purposes. But I will soon be making another set, in some shade of pink, to better go with the runner... I've been wanting to make my own fabric napkins too, but I don't know WHEN I'll get to that.

From here... ha! ha! You know I'll be on the look out for some pretty purple/violet covered dishes of some sort. What a very pretty table I think that might make for next Easter! But I think the milk glass plates look pretty enough too, so I don't think it's a major priority on my shopping list...

Remember the healthy African Violet I spoke of before? It had buds, but you couldn't see them in the picture. Yesterday, I noticed the first flower bloom!!

I've always said my green thumb is a very light, pale, barely-can-see-it shade of green! I have had some luck with tomato plants, but I love African Violets!.. Maybe I get that from a grandmother who used to love them too! Through the years, I like to think I've gotten better with them, as less and less of them die after much longer periods of time! I'm very proud and happy about this!

For my next project(s)... I think I may start on a doll or two, like the ones I made for Haiti. I'd like to make those pink placemats, I mentioned... I've also been wanting to make some kind of Spring wreaths or decorations for both my front and back doors. As always, we'll see what time allows!... Thank you so much for stopping by today!