Friday, July 31, 2009

I Think This Raises A Pink Flag!

Looks like it's that time again!.. Pink Saturday! Special thanks to Beverly, who hosts this event each and every week! Be sure to visit her at How Sweet the Sound, to see a listing of all the participants today, and all the pink goodies they have to share!

What I have to show today, is actually inspired from Debbie's Pink Saturday post on July 24th, titled "Pink Flag Saturday", at Ribbonwood Cottage! Here she shared a tutorial on how to make a very pretty little pink flag, so I decided to give it a try! Having finished sewing it, I then found myself having way too much fun playing with everything from buttons and ribbons, to rickrack and embroidery flosses! The width of my flag looks a little longer than Debbie made hers; but here you can see how I made my first one in various shades of PINK!

Once I finished it, I decided I wanted to hang it under a knickknack shelf in my living room, so from there I had to decide how. I painted a dowel rod and two wooden beads, in PINK of course, then with grosgrain ribbon tabs, you can now see how that worked nicely enough for my purposes! By the way, I don't own a saw, so I used an old steak knife to cut the wooden dowel to the length I wanted. I would not advise this to anyone, and I'm happy to report that all ten of my fingers are still present and accounted for!

Well, could I stop there? Does that sound like me?! Good Gracious! Of course not! I had so much fun with the first one, I HAD to make a second flag! This time I made one in blues, if you'll pardon my sneaking another color in today! I made this one to hang in my kitchen! I'm still deciding on any embellishments and finishing touches, if any.. But I'm happy with it already!

Now I'm thinking I could make these for Christmas gifts, or I maybe I could make them into placemats or throw pillows! If you think you'd like to try to make a flag.. or two.. or three!.. then make sure you stop over to Ribbonwood Cottage for this and other beautiful sewing and decorating ideas that Debbie has to share!.. Oh!.. and thank you Debbie! I really did have fun with this!

In the meantime, Happy Pink Saturday to everybody today! Thank you for stopping by, and hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"The House Smells Good Mom!"

Another warm day in this heatwave we're experiencing here! I can't complain though. We're hitting high 80's, but in my house, this is nothing a small running fan won't take care of! In fact, while the temps were not up too high just yet, I even baked some zucchini bread this morning! Dear Son woke up telling me, "The house smells good, Mom!" I love when the kids say that! One friend gave me some fresh zucchini from his garden, just before the weekend; then another gave me some more from hers, just a couple of days ago! Well, we ALL love zucchini bread here! I made two batches, ending up with 3 full sized loaves.. and then 8 mini loaves, which I'll wrap up with cards and bows for one friend who is in the hospital right now for surgery, and then for another friend who WILL soon be in for surgery as well. Having had a taste of hospital food myself, I think they'll probably like these! Meanwhile, I've STILL got more zucchini. I have to decide whether to serve them up for dinner, or if I should just make MORE BREAD!! I could shred ahead, put it in baggies, and freeze it, if I want! The one friend says she thinks she'll have even MORE zucchini for me soon! I do HOPE so!

It's hard to believe July is coming to an end! This is my favorite time of year, and I hate to see it already winding down! The store shelves are filling up with school supplies and Halloween decorations! Oh, say it isn't so! Not YET! I feel like I just packed those darn hats, mittens, and Eskimo clothes AWAY! It's not fair! It's too soon to be thinking about pulling all THAT stuff back out again! (sigh) I just won't think about that right now. I'm savoring every bit of Summer we have left! Dear Son had a very nice birthday! The kids and I have been out walking the dog together, every chance we get. We went swimming, and out for ice cream over the past weekend! We're still thinking about a camping trip soon.. a trip to the lake maybe!.. So much we still want to do!

I have been doing a little bit of everything lately with my crafts! I have been working on some granny squares for one of my afghans, and I feeling happy with how that's coming along! I am also working on a little project with Dear Daughter, which I'm hoping to show here soon, when it's done! It was simple really, but getting just the right materials can be a little pricy, so we're shopping around a little bit, in hopes of finding the best deal(s) we can... Anyways, I've also got my sewing machine back out, and I'm doing a couple of projects with that. I'm even doing some embroidery! I can't remember how long it's been since I've done THAT!

I was surprised to get a package in the mail a couple of weeks ago, and am only sorry it's taken me this long to post it. Terri, the moderator of ATCT, and a friend since my first joining the group, sent me this drawstring purse. She really likes crocheting with threads, doilies being her favorite if I remember correctly. She makes beautiful doilies, and I know this because she made me one in an exchange once, and I LOVE it! Here, on this purse, she worked using multiple threads in red, white, and blue. My photo does NOT do it justice. Terri's work is beautiful, and so is this purse! Check out Terri's Kaleidesigns website for crochet pattern books, etc. HERE. Terri recently shared a new banana bread recipe, and I'm going to try that one real soon! It sounds delicious, and I'll let you know how it comes out as soon as I do!

Well, I'm going to go get myself a cup of coffee, and some zucchini bread! Maybe I'll pop a movie in the player... And probably I'll fall asleep half-way-through! ..But before I go, I'll leave you with a little something I read in an email I got this evening!..

Live your life in such a way that,
when your feet hit the floor in the morning,
Satan shudders and says...
"Oh no! She's awake!"

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Heap a Work To Be Done!

Darn tootin' there is! So all ya cotton-pickin', yella-bellied, ornery, dog-blasted, no account, fur-bearin', namby-pamby, dadburn, lilly-livered, double-crossin', rackin' frackin', sass-a-frassin' dust-bunny varmits best clear on out a here, or say yer prayers!

Great horny toads!.. I've been down with the cold-n-flu symptoms for several days here! While some of the symptoms persist, and I'm feeling much better than I did, I'm sure many Moms can just imagine the piles of dirty dishes and dirty laundry that are NOW screaming for my immediate attention! I have my work cut out for me, as I'll be baking some most-recently-requested chocolate chip cookies this morning.. THEN, for the majority of the day I'll be cleaning up, polishing up, and setting up for Dear Son's birthday tomorrow! I got some of the work done yesterday, but still have more to do today. We have a trip to the vet's and an appointment for a haircut tomorrow morning; so there won't be much time for anything more than last minute touches 'round the house.. And even THEN, I'll still have a cake to bake!

One thing's for sure! If I want ANY time for readin', crochetin'.. or even catchin' m' breath today, I better get-a goin'!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

I bet we're going to see a LOT of fireworks like these, as we blog-hop from post to post, this fine Pink Saturday! I'm hoping to see some REAL ones tonight! We've had so much rain this past week, that we're just crossing our fingers for some dry weather to DO so! Fireworks shows NEVER get rescheduled, at least not that I know of!.. so this is it! I'm really excited about going with the kids tonight!

It's been a VERY busy week! I have had a good many projects going at once, but feel good at how it's all getting done and coming together! Still I couldn't miss posting for Pink Saturday! Let me first start off by offering you some pink cookies I made. I found the recipe from Charlotte, at Someplace In Thyme, under her January 17th post! What a delicious recipe this is, and I made red,white, and blue ones too, which you can see in my previous Friday post! They were easy to whip up, and they are so yummy, they are flying off the cooling racks faster than I can find my cookie jars and Tupperware containers! I thought my old sugar cookie recipe was the best, but we can just kick that one to the curb! We like THIS one better!.. So, thanks again Charlotte! You can bet that if we're seeing the fireworks tonight, these "truly scrumptious" little goodies will be coming with us!

Oh! I also thought that I'd show my little mini dolls finally got their arms! I did find that the quality of the fabric made ALL the difference when making them, and I do thank the other pink participants who wrote me with suggestions! I really did appreciate that! Anyway, they now have little ribbons and flowers to embellish their dresses and hats, and I am still working on more, because I have already given away the ones I made! I LOVE Pink, and forgive me for saying so, but so far, I think my favorite is the little blue one!

I want to thank Beverly for hosting Pink Saturday each week! Please do stop at her blog, How Sweet The Sound, to find the listing of all the other pink participants! Be sure to visit as many as you can, to see all the pretty pinks they have to share!

Happy 4th of July, Everybody! Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Get your Red, White, and Blue On!

Wow! I have been absolutely super-charged the last couple of days! I know it's because of the 4th! I LOVE the holidays! I love decorating and preparing for them almost as much as the big day itself! So, between my Potter-projects, my holiday crafting, a little bit of baking, and then just the everyday responsibilities in a day's time, I feel like I have to give myself at least a little pat on the back for everything I'm getting done! Well, YOU know! That sense of accomplishment and pride always feels pretty good! Often for many of us, there's even that big sigh of relief that we got it done on TIME! For the most part, though, I just had FUN doing a few of the things that I want to show here today!

First up is my crocheted Fourth of July windsock! I happened to wander in at Debb's, at her PBDesigns Reading and Crochet Blog, and she had photos and a pattern for a really CUTE windsock that she had designed and made herself! You'll see it in her June 30th post! I was just at that time thinking I'd like to make a 4th of July one in plastic canvas, but this seemed cuter, and I suspected it would probably last longer. I've made beautiful items in plastic canvas, but I'm just more cautious as to just how long they will hold up. I have found, after all the work, some plastic canvas projects, depending which ones and their purpose of course.. that some just don't hold up against the test of time or durability. Anyways, I just thought Debb's was really sweet, and I was MUCH more inspired to make one like hers! For mine, I used a full sized oatmeal container.

I was a little worried about how the cardboard would hold up in damp weather though, so I wrapped mine in packaging tape, before I began crocheting, and hopefully that helps. If not, it would not be difficult to simply replace the container. Another obvious option would be just to bring it IN, if it's raining SO hard that I worry about the damage it might cause; but I'm hanging mine on the front porch, so it's partially protected, and I think that will be enough to keep it looking nice!

As I got going with this project, I really couldn't wait to go wild with the creative embellishments I could fly with on this; but then I knew that I'd have to contain my enthusiasm a bit, due to the multi-colored stripes I was already working with. Still, I love to get out my buttons and beads, ribbons, laces, and felts, and I really had fun playing around with all of that! I even got through all the hot-gluing without burning myself even ONCE! Honestly, I can't wait to make another one!.. So thanks to Debb for sharing her idea and pattern!

Next.. Get your red, white, and blue on! I want to show you a necklace I made to go with it, once again done by recycling an old eyeglass lense! It seems to me that someone asked to see more of this type of project, so here it is! I tend to be a little rough on my eyeglasses. I HATE wearing them, so they are on my face, and off my face, and back on my face all day long. In fact there are several pairs, strategically placed all over the house, so that I can grab them, ONLY IF I HAVE TO of course, to read or see anything up close. From there, I have to admit, they most likely get tossed recklessly in the spot where I just used them, rather than in a protective case of some kind. In fact, the only place I bother using an eyeglass case is in my purse! Now THERE'S a danger zone, if I ever saw one! But, back to my point.. As much as I'd like them to, I don't exactly expect these inexpensive eyeglass frames to hold up forever. In time, they wear out, or get dropped, or sat on, or stepped on. When they can no longer serve their purpose, I always save the lenses! The funny thing, with this particular necklace, is the picture I mod-podged to the lense. I think, if I remember right, it is cut from the paper wrapping that flour or sugar comes in, whichever it was! I saw it, and thought, "I can make something with that!" I cut it out, and hung it on the refrigerator with a magnet, till it finally dawned on me what I'd like to use it for! It's not a glamorous look, but I think it's fun for a casual, beer-and-hamburgers type of day!

I am shaking my head now at the thought of what feels like a sick obsession, the way I save things the way I do! Before ANYTHING gets thrown out, I'm always thinking, "Can I make something with this?" But, as long as I can keep it all look organized and neatly in it's place, then I'm glad to recycle what I can into something fun and new! If it starts spilling and overflowing from drawers and closets, or it's changing colors and growing fur, then I know I've gone too far, and it's time to spring clean!.. Nope! You can't save everything Hasselhoff!

Finally, finally, finally, FINALLY, I got a cool enough day, and managed to find the time to do some baking! I heard about this sugar cookie recipe, at Charlotte's blog, Someplace In Thyme, and when it says it's "the best", then I just had to try it! You can find this recipe in her January 17th post. I could tell how nice the dough just LOOKED as I was mixing it, and later rolling it! No doubt, though, taste was going to be the most important factor in determining if this recipe was a keeper or not, because frankly, I was pretty happy with my OWN favorite sugar cookie recipe! The family has made its decision, and a good many cookies are eaten and long gone already!! So, thank you Char! Your recipe looks like it's a KEEPER! They are absolutely delicious, and are exactly the nice texture in a cookie that I like! Time to update my family recipe books!.. Out with the old, and in with the newer and better! This recipe made quite a good number of cookies. I'd say how many, but I did assorted sizes, as you can see with my star-spangled cookies. I also did some pink cookies, for what else?.. Pink Saturday! I'll serve them up tomorrow!

Well, I've got plenty to do today, so off I run, till my post for tomorrow! If I don't see you back here, my best wishes to you for a fun and safe holiday weekend!