Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Life's Like a Movie

..Write your own ending.  
Keep believing.  Keep pretending.

In memory of Jim Henson 

(from google images)

I've always been a fan; from the time I was just a little kid watching Sesame Street, all the way to now, where just recently, I was walking through a grocery store, and when, quite suddenly, something catches my eye... 

(Gasp!)  Oh my gosh, my heart begins to race, and in no time at all I am seizing the three Pez candy dispensers, all made in the likeness of The Muppets, and all which were hanging on a display at the end of the aisle..

Yes, these were mine-all-mine now, and into the cart they went, to be brought home and added to my Muppet collection...   my own personal homage to Jim Henson, and all the Muppet characters I still love so very much.

Since then, I found some Muppet stickers for sale online.  I was sure I could put them to good use...

...in hand-written cards or letters, in my art journal, or right in my personal planner.

I love how this week looks!..  And that's largely what Jim Henson was all about!  His hope was to "leave the world a bit better than when I got here".  He was an optimist.  

"I've always tried to present a positive view of 
the world in my work.  It's so much easier to be 
negative and cynical and predict doom for the 
world, than it is to try and figure out how to make 
things better.  We have an obligation to do the latter."

Jim was so right about that!  We are blessed to be given every single day we live and breathe.  Why then be miserable?  In gratitude alone, we should put on a smile as soon as our feet hit the floor in the morning!..  Well, o.k...  as soon as we've had our first cup of coffee!  Smell the aroma, savor the taste..  Live in the moment!  And as for me, a prayer can be as short and simple as six words...  Thank you, God, for this day. 

And thank you, Jim Henson, 
for all the smiles you continue to give to me..
forever just a big kid at heart!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Autumn is Here!

Happy First Day of Fall! 

Recently I've seen various projects done with puzzle pieces, and I've been trying my hand at a couple of them so far..

But here's just one for today.  I found the inspiration to just play in my art journal from That Artist Woman, Gail!

I found some odd lot puzzle games and pieces at local yard and rummage sales, and picked them up for next to nothing really.  But what a great way to recycle old puzzles with missing pieces!  No need to throw them out!  How much nicer it is to create beautiful new things with them, if you can!  

I started off by painting a background in my art journal, and then I painted my tree, using acrylic paints and brown marker.  Next, I painted the puzzle pieces in various fall colors, again, in acrylic paints.  Then I simply glued them to my pages; some on the tree, and some fallen to the ground.

(quote by Ilan Shamir, Advice From A Tree)

This was a very quick and easy project to do one night, with a glass of wine, and just while just watching some t.v...  But the pages held more meaning to me as I added the quote, and I was now very happy with the whole spread!  

For those of you who babysit, or have kids or grandkids of your own..  What a fun project this would be to do with them, wouldn't it?!

Thanks so much to Gail, That Artist Woman, for 
sharing the inspiration and tutorials that she does!...
And thank YOU for stopping by today!  
Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's Rednesday!..

And I am happy to be joining Melody, over at Brown Gingham Creations, for this event!  You may remember that this event was once hostessed by Sue, over at It's A Very Cherry World; but she decided to pass the honor of this position on, and Melody has graciously accepted this exciting and new opportunity!

Congrats and Best Wishes to you, Melody!  Wednesdays have been nice, but they sure look a whole lot better now, all dressed in red, and I look forward to participating as often as I can! 

Well, events, such as they've come and gone in the past couple of weeks, have provided me with a good number of red things to share today, I think; so lets get started, shall we?!...  First up are a couple of things I picked up at a big neighborhood garage sale I went to on the weekend of September 7th.  Here you can see where I marked the day, in my weekly Franklin Covey planner/diary, decorated this week with red apples...

We had beautiful weather that day, and I came home with a good number of treasures..  (ahem)..  All of which I NEEDED, of course!  (she says with a grin!)   First up, I got this beautiful pair of  red cardinals, a salt -n- pepper set!

As soon as I saw them, I couldn't grab them up quick enough!  These will be so pretty on my dining room table, all winter long!  (gasp!..  Oh, but PLEASE!  Let's not talk about THAT kind of weather just yet!  I'm just so happy to welcome Fall!  It will be here, officially, very soon now!)

My next red item, which I found this same day, was this record album!  I'm dating myself here, but does anyone else remember this musical comedy team, The Smothers Brothers?...  (See the red balloon, the red wagon, the red door, the red scooter?..  "See Dick's red shirt?")

I love to pick up old albums, every now and then, most especially if they bring back fond memories, and I do remember sitting in front of the t.v., seeing The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, giggling and laughing, before Mom sent us kids on our way to bed for the night.  Just looking at the title of this album, I knew I had to have it!..  I played it one night, recently, and I really liked it!  It was a fun combination of both music and comedy!

Oh, but moving on, I'm afraid, to a  more serious topic...  September 11, 2013 marked the 12th anniversary of a very sad day in our nation's history.  We all have our memories of where we were and how we felt at the time;  but in memory of the events that happened that day, I put together this collaged red, white, and blue art journal spread... 

My heart and prayers go out to all the surviving family and friends of those whose lives were lost that day.  We will never forget.

Well, chin back up...  Nothing like a good wine-tasting festival to perk our spirits back up a little!

We went to the annual Wine and Apple Fest this year, after having such a great time last year!  We had so much fun, going from table to table, vendor to vendor, tasting all the wonderful wines and cheese that were to be found there!  We enjoyed seeing all the other sites and exhibits at the fest as well, such as a circus exhibit, a quilt show, a car show, farm animals (I got to feed the baby goats!), live music, etc., etc.!   Even in the crowds, such as they were, we were pleasantly surprised to run into family and friends too!  Here you see me standing in the middle, wearing (ahem) green, but Dear Friend, and Dear Daughter, are both wearing some red for the event; and we all are holding this year's official wine glasses given to each of us upon presenting our tickets (or bracelets, actually!) at the entrance!...   Well, after all was said and done that day, my favorite wine this year was this one... 

This is the bottle I brought home; a red, blackberry-flavored wine, not too sweet, called Bobsled Red, made by Glenora Wine Cellars.  Dear Daughter liked this one too!..  And how appropriate it now is to share with you today!  Here..  Give me your glass.  I'll pour you some!.. 

(Your ARE 21, right?!  Just checking!)

And now, for my last red item of the day, I just recently finished crocheting this Hello Kitty hat!

In white, with red accents, I had fun making this one; and after making minion hats for everyone else lately, this one's mine all mine!  This was a nice, easy pattern to follow, but I admit I had to rip mine out a couple of times.  I just couldn't stand the very obvious line left by joining rows on this one, and so I chose to crochet in rounds, using markers as I went along...

If you like this, and think you might want to try making one yourself, you can find the pattern right HERE, posted by Liz, at Crochet In Color.

And thus concludes my collection of reds for the week!
Thanks to Melody for hosting this event;
And thanks to YOU for stopping by today!
Happy Rednesday everyone!


Monday, September 9, 2013

Avoiding Despicable Calories

Being an ex-smoker (5 years this past April!)..  I still need something to do with my hands while sitting still, or while watching t.v...  Football season has officially kicked off, (YAY!!).. and Dear Son and I are loving it!!  But there were THREE games on yesterday, and for me, it is very difficult to sit still in one place for that long!   If I don't have something to do, then I am snacking instead..  And if I'm snacking instead, next thing you know, my pants size goes up by two or three numbers!...  SO-oooo, if I'm looking to avoid all the unnecessary, "despicable" calories, and bouncing around from this-size-wardrobe to that-size-wardrobe, then it's really all for the best that I have something to do, like crochet!

With Fall being just around the corner now, I find myself in the mood to make HATS!  Here are two I just made...

These Minion Hats were fun to make!  (Minions are characters found in the Despicable Me movies.)  Both of them are done in adult sizes, and I've just been asked to make one in a child's size...  So, guess what I'll be doing while watching Monday Night Football, tonight!   (HERE'S a pattern, if you'd like to try it.)

In the meantime, around my neck of the woods, it seems safe to say the worst of the summer heat and humidity is over now.  As temperatures finally cool down, I've been able to do some baking again!  I LOVE to bake; and it's so nice to be able to fire up the oven, without suffering dearly for it!..  Well, a friend of mine has just recently harvested a good many pears from her tree for the year, and she was so nice to share some with me!  However, Dear Son and I weren't reaching for them fast enough to keep them from spoiling, so I looked up a recipe, and decided to make Spiced Pear Muffins instead!

The recipe is a KEEPER, for sure!  We were definitely reaching for these fast enough!  (Oh, but just a couple for breakfast, for me!)...  I later made a second batch!  They smell delicious, taste delicious, and you can find the recipe HERE, if you'd like to try it.  Now that our pears are gone, though, I'm wondering if you could probably alter this recipe by substituting apples instead?  Ya think?..   I'm looking forward to apple picking sometime soon, I hope, so maybe I'll give it a try!

    Thanks so much for stopping by today!