Monday, November 26, 2012

Blessed in Holiday Best

Oh my gosh, it's been too long since I've last posted.  Again, finding the time has been difficult, but I got up extra early this morning to squeeze in the time!  First, I hope everyone had a blessed and very Happy Thanksgiving!

 (a zen-doodle type of turkey in my art journal, 
done in permanent ink pens and watercolor paints.)

Our holiday was kinda spread out, into the course of a couple of days, starting with a big home-cooked breakfast with my kids while watching the Macy's Parade...

 (Dear Son In Law found some game/app where you could balloon-ify yourself,   
so here I am, dressed in my elf-like holiday best!..  ha ha!)
Later, we had a small turkey dinner, just me and Dear Son.  Then, we had a big family get-together, for dinner at my daughter's house on Friday!  (Yes, I have to adjust to taking turns with the in-laws now, but that's o.k.)...  With the exception of setting the marshmallows on my sweet potatoes on FIRE, we had a wonderful holiday!  (Actually, we thought that was pretty funny, once we got over the initial sense of alarm, and the fire was OUT!..  No fire department required!  After scraping off all the burnt-black mess, I was relieved that the sweet potatoes still looked and tasted pretty good!)

Anyways, our Fall season has been a beautiful one, and we really are blessed in that it's stuck around so long as it has, I suppose...

 (Here is an art journal spread I did for a prompt at Artists in Blogland.  Below shows a 
removable tag, where I added a bible verse to the front, and some journaling on the back.)

But in the last few days that we've most recently walked our dog, it's become increasingly clear that Old Man Winter is definitely knocking on our door.  Oh, he's being polite for the moment...

Teaming up with his long-time sidekick, Jack Frost, they're still warning that their time is nearly here, with temperatures dropping, frost now replacing the morning dew, and the scattered flurries that have fallen several times now.  I find myself dressing in layers again, before I head outdoors...  The trees are starting to look bare, but oh how I love the smell of wood stoves from street to street, from random houses 'round about our neighborhood.

Back home, I breathe in deeply, that sweet aroma of home-baked goodies coming from my very own oven! 

It's tradition...  Every Halloween we make and decorate our Great Pumpkin Cookies! (recipe HERE.)

...And this year Dear Daughter (who teaches Spanish) and I made some Pan de Muertos too!..  a simple little treat, but delicious with my morning coffee!

Next, I baked some muffins for our Church Bake Sale!

  (Sweet Potato-Oatmeal Muffins, and Chocolate Chip-Banana Muffins)

Dear Son really loved the homemade cornbread I made recently!

And just look at the new cookie cutters I bought on clearance, at my local Walmart!  I'm such a kid at heart, and you just know I had to have them!

I can't wait to find the proper occasion to make some fancy-schmancy cookies with these!..  and while on the topic of princesses, here's another journal page I painted recently for a group art prompt.  She's a damsel in distress, who really didn't need a prince, or some knight in shining armor, to make her problems disappear, or for her dreams to come true!

Well, as the weather's gotten colder, I began looking to my patterns for some crocheted fingerless gloves, which I always wear over another pair of regular store-bought knit gloves for double the warmth!  Now, I have people asking me to make them some too!..  So, during my free time at night, I'm working on that!  I've been doing a couple different styles, but HERE'S a new pattern I tried, by Sugar Toe Babies.

 (So darn CUTE with the little scalloped wrist ruffle!)

Here's another pair, made from the same pattern; but without the scalloped ruffle, and I just added a few more rounds to cover right over the knuckles.  That's the way I like 'em!

I recently got a new cell...  or should I say "smart-phone"?  Whatever it's called, I can make and receive calls and messages on it!  Yes, THAT much, I know how to DO on it!...   The thing is, it's bigger than my old phone, so I had to crochet all new little totes for it... or "cozies" you may call them.  Not only do I make them because they're cute; but I make them for protection against dropping it to the floor, and then from the certain damage that would otherwise most-definitely occur if I just threw it into the dark and mysterious black hole which I call a purse!...  Of course, once I made one, I just couldn't stop there!

 (black, denim blue, Gryffindor-inspired crimson-and-gold, sage green, Twilight-inspired crimson-and-black, and pink)

And as you can see below, I even made a couple in peppermint candy-type stripes and colors, just in time for the holidays!

Well, that's about it for now, but I feel good to be caught up a bit!  This weekend I dragged out the boxes that contain the many "faux" branches of my faux-but-much-beloved Christmas tree!  I had a great deal of rearranging to do, so the job was never completely done by Sunday afternoon, like I hoped; so now my plan is to have it gradually up, lit, and fully decorated by mid-week.  From there, I'll work my way from one end of the place, to the other, redecorating my home in holiday cheer!  The radio stations are playing all the Christmas classics, and I'm starting to feel that holiday spirit!...   With all due respect to whatever you celebrate or believe, I just hope you're feeling it too! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!