Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just Another W.E. Wednesday

Twelve, midnight already, 
I was just in the middle of a round,
I really should go head to bed,
but just can't put my blankie down...
(Sing to the tune of:  Just Another Manic Monday)
It's just another Wool Eater Wednesday,
It sure is a fun day,
but even on a work day,
I still find time to cro-chet!...

Now were you singing with me?  I hope so!...  I really loved the music of The Bangles, back when I listened to it on a cassette!  Oh, but as I work on my afghan now...

I find it so sad though that TWO wonderful musical talents have passed away, just in the short time I've been working on it.  First, if you remember, Etta James; and now Whitney Houston.  Only 48 years old; going before her mother, and leaving behind a young daughter of only 18...   My heart goes out to them both.  My favorite songs, sung by Whitney, are I Will Always Love You; and the most beautiful version, I think, of the Christmas song, Do You Hear What I Hear.

Well, so far I've now completed a full 18 rounds on my wool eater afghan, keeping in mind that each round is a color made by crocheting 2 rounds of crocheted stitches.  Remember?   In my last W.E. Wednesday post, I left off feeling "peachy", did I not?!...  Since then, my next three rounds HAD to be made in honor of the New York Giants winning the Superbowl!  Yes!  Woo Hoo!!!  Hence, the colors blue, red, and white!...  Oh, but when I heard Whitney had passed away, the only color I felt, in the sudden sadness and mourning for the loss of such a talent in the music world, was black.  She had her share of troubled times, it seems, so may she rest in peace now.  

Now, as I was making these latest specific rounds of colors, I found that my fingers were sometimes getting sore, or my thumb was actually feeling sore rubbing on the metal hook I was using.  So I finally purchased my first Soft Touch Crochet Hook!

While it didn't have a softer, cushion-y grip that I somehow imagined it might have, I did find my newest little tool helped very much!  However, I can only use it on the second round of each color, because my hook needs to hold up to nine loops at a time on that round, and the new hook just wasn't working for that...  So, now, working back and forth from my metal hook to my soft-touch hook, at least my fingers are getting a break every other round.

Bouncing back from a remorseful round of black, I now begin my next rounds of PINK!..  for Valentine's Day of course! I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday, whatever you did, and however you celebrated!

...And thanks again for stopping by!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, here it is, Valentine's Day, but it's so cold outside; and it's very quiet around here, considering it's a holiday.  I was just sitting here, having some tea, but am so glad you could join me today!...   Would you like a cup too?

I've decorated the house some, here and there, keeping everything in the holiday spirit!  

My dining room table is set up very simply, and I've kept my medium-sized Christmas tree out for the year, like I said I would!

I'm afraid it needs a few more Valentine decorations to cover up the white wire that comes with the strand of heart lights.  Thanks to Debi, at Dly's Hooks and Yarns, who sent me a few heart shaped bangle bracelets.  With those, and her pattern, which you can find HERE, I made three of these ornaments to hang on it!

I skipped rows to get the size I wanted, and then just added a ribbon and rose, but I love them, Debbie!  Thank you so much for sharing your pattern!

At the center of the tree, there hangs a tag I received in a swap from Jane, at Anything but.. Plain Jane.  A very pretty collage of pretty things on this one..  I love it Jane!  Thank you!

Of course I couldn't forget to decorate without at least a couple of my favorite dollies... here they set at the bottom of my tree.  Next year, maybe I'll have a little heart shaped box of chocolates held in the larger dolls hands!

Moving to the kitchen, you see my window, always kept closed, for the view I'd rather not see outside it. Still, I do my best to keep it cheery looking.

The dollies and animals may not be everybody's cup of tea, but they are my cup of tea!  They make me smile!  The cafe curtain look is new, though!  I bought three table runners at the dollar store, and used them for curtains instead!  The decoupaged vase in the center of the sill is one I made last year.  The pinwheel was made by and given to me by one of my nieces!  The doll in red gingham was once a good friend's, who is no longer with us.  So you see, sometimes my style of decor holds more sentiment than the eye can see. 

I've been so busy with schooling, keeping house, an irregular work schedule, errands, wedding planning with Dear Daughter, etc., etc...   Occasionally, I try to paint, collage, or doodle something into my Book of Days journal, like this one, I most recently did...

Still, at night, I kick up my feet, light a candle, watch some t.v., or a movie, and work away at the wool-eater afghan I'm making!  I will show how that's coming along tomorrow, hopefully.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Valentine's Day today, 
and remember....

"If you have only one smile in you, 
give it to the people you love."
(Maya Angelou)

Thanks so much for having tea with me today!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wool-Eater Wednesday

Sarah London is hosting a Wool Eater Crochet-Along, and today's the day to post our progress.  According to the number I read on the Flicker website, as of today, there are 458 members...  My gosh, just imagine all those afghans!! 

I started a little later than most of the other participants, I think; but I'm almost caught up now, being only one round behind the basic crochet-along schedule that is set up.  Each round, in this case, actually means two rounds of crocheted stitches, where 2 rounds are typically done in one color, then the next round is done in two rounds of another color...  Got that?  If you look closely at the rounds and color patterns in the photo, you probably get the gist!

If you remember from a previous post, I mentioned how I was treating this almost like a diary/journaled, mood-of-the-day type of project; one in which I would just crochet a color, and another color, and the next, so on and so forth, according to my mood, or some specific event/occasion going on at the time.  Well, I'll try to briefly explain my color scheme so far:
  1. Rounds One and Two:  I'd read it was a color of balance, order, and safety from fears and anxieties, while it also symbolizes growth, so it seemed to me that green was a fitting color to begin with!
  2. Rounds Three and Four:  Soon after I had just started this afghan, I heard that Etta James had passed away.  My own personal favorite song by her is "Misty Blue", so for the next two rounds, I went with blues; one dark blue, and one a misty shade of blue.  
  3. Round Five:  Next, Dear Daughter and I were off to a big Bridal Show event, and I had never been to one before!  It was quite an event, and so my next color was a white, in honor of my daughter and all the brides to be that day!
  4. Rounds Six and Seven:  Next came Chinese New Year, and having read a little bit about that, I found that red and gold were traditional colors when celebrating this event;  hence the next two rounds of color.
  5.  Rounds Eight and Nine:  Soon thereafter, I remember a big jewelry event on one of the shopping channels, on t.v...  There were many items made with turquoise, and oh, how I'd love to have a pretty turquoise ring someday!  The necklaces and bracelets were all so pretty too!...  so where the afghan was concerned, I was in the mood for turquoise!
  6. Round Ten:  The next round of white comes from a blanket of snow I woke up to one morning.  It was pretty, but it didn't last long.... which actually made it all the prettier to me!...  Hence the next round of white!
  7. Rounds Eleven and Twelve:  As I was crocheting this round of snowy white, I really had no color set in mind to do next. This is, after all, a fly by the seat of my pants project!...  All I know, though, is I was so comfortable and cozy, working on this new afghan, while nearby was my little pot of tea and the empty teabag wrappers that sat nearby....  To be specific, the wrappers were purple...  and there you have it!  As of this morning, my afghan measures about 25" x 34".  
Oh yeah...  this morning...  It was NOT a good one.  It was pretty stressful for reasons I'm gonna try to forget.  But I'm gonna let my sarcastic nature take over, and make light of all this, and I'll just refer to it as "peachy keen".  Yes, that's right!  How was my morning?...   "My morning was just peachy!!!"...

So the next color I'll be working on tonight, with my feet up, and a big ol' smile on my face, will be peach!

Well, I'm off to make dinner now!
Thanks so much for stopping by today!