Monday, August 29, 2011

August In A Flash

Oh my gosh, WHERE does the time go?!  I just love Summer, and getting out of the house, and enjoying the great outdoors while we can!  I'm missing all my blogging friends a great deal, though, and hoping everyone is doing well and that you're all enjoying your Summer as well!

In the last week or so, we've experienced both an earthquake, and then a hurricane!  We don't usually experience anything like either such event in our neck of the woods, so August has certainly left its mark, leaving us with a few extra memories we won't soon, if ever, forget!  We had a lot of old trees and branches come down around here, after all was said and done, but today the issue is flooding, and whatever remains to be seen will all happen this afternoon.  I think we're clear enough from it, but they say that this will be the worst since sometime in the early 1900s!

Anyways, in my spare time, when either the chores are done, or the moon and the stars have coaxed us back into the house for the day, I've still been getting a little crocheting in, but I've also been working on what's called a "junk journal"!  It's a type a scrapbook that's the latest craze in this line of art-and-crafting, and I have just had so much fun with it!!  I loved working from page to page, a little at a time..  picking it up, and putting it down, day to day, which is what made it a perfect summer-time project!  As it would be much too difficult to show in any other manner, here it is on video, if you'd like to see it.  It's done in a bit of a rush, as YouTube allows just 15 minutes per video, so I just showed as much as I could!..

Hard to believe this gorgeous season is already on its way out, but I look forward to Fall, with all its colorful splendor, and all the sights and experiences it will bring!..  And I'm pretty sure I'll soon be working on my next junk journal!..  This time for Autumn!...    This kind of thing is a simple, but wonderful joy to me.

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