Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summertime Swaps

O.K..  If you've got the time, grab yourself a cup of coffee, tea, a soda...  whatever you choose, because this is going to be a while!  I've been busy, which is why I haven't posted in a while, and I've got a lot to share today... 

To begin, I'll start with the Summertime Matchbox Swap, hosted by Debi, for the Bloggerette Sorority!

My swap partner for the event was Cathy, at A Surcee Life.  Cathy told me she loved the ocean, the beach, and her favorite colors were blue and greens.  I made two matchboxes...  Cathy got the hat with the green ribbon, and the hat with the turquoise ribbon is for me!

I have to thank cynthialoowho for her tutorial for making your own matchboxes!  Next, I used the Boundary Waters border punch for the sides.  I cut up a washcloth to make miniature beach towels.

I had the little wide brim hats in my stash, as well as the little sunglasses (once upon a time, barrettes!), the beads, shells, candies, etc., that I thought were just perfect for a beach towel set up!  I really had fun putting these together!  Cathy was quicker than I was, though, and I received her matchbox first.  Isn't it sweet?!!

I love the color pink she used, and the beautiful paper flowers that set on top!  She sent all kinds of goodies with it...

including the cutest little pin, that she made herself, out of a watch piece!  See it, with the little bow, and pink gem stone dangling on the right side of it?  So pretty, and unique, I can't wait to wear it!...  Maybe to church this coming Sunday!...  Oh, and look at the bottom of the little drawer!

How CUTE is THAT?!  Cathy, thank you so much!  I LOVE everything you sent!

Another swap I was in, was a crochet pincushion swap that Tamara hosted, at her blog, Crochet With Tamara!  I had fun opening up this package when I got it!  Tamara crocheted the little red pair of shoes, and her friend Susie sent the beautiful flower pincushion with the little strawberry that dangles from the center!

You can see all the beautiful goodies that came with everything, and I know I'm going to make good use of all the laces and buttons!  Thanks to both Tamara and Susie!  The pincushions you sent are beautiful!...   I must add though, that the little red shoes that Tamara made, sure look like RUBY SLIPPERS to me!!

See where I proudly display them?  Perfect!

Well, now for the pincushions I made for Tamara and Susie.  I remember when I was a little girl, I loved a pincushion a little girlfriend down the street had.  Someone had made one for her, and she proudly displayed it in her room, with her favorite necklaces draped over it..  It was so pretty, I thought.  As I learned to crochet not long thereafter, I tried, at a young age, to make one like it.  But I was not successful.  It didn't come out right, and I don't know whatever happened to it.  I imagine it was thrown away.  So for Tamara's swap, I knew I was up to trying one, or actually THREE, again!

I was pretty happy with how they came out this time around!  I actually had a tough time finding a pattern for these; but if you're interested, then get ready to recycle those tuna fish cans!  I finally found a great pattern right HERE

Tamara got the pink chair, while Susie got the purple chair, and I now set my own little blue chair pincushion on my desk, alongside the Granny Stripe pencil cup cozy I made previously, in my June 21st post.  Hmmm...  Now I'm thinking I'd like to make some pretty stick pins for it sometime soon.  We'll see...

Onto another project... I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but I've been making tags for a Twilight Tag Swap, hosted by Lisa, at Mini Album Scraps.  Well, I sent mine out, but didn't want to show anything until everybody got their tags, and no surprises were ruined.  Today, I was very excited to find that the postman had delivered the tags that I now get back from just some of the very talented ladies who participated!  Here's the video I made of how I made my tags for the swap, and then I show pictures of the tags that were sent back to me!  BTW, I hope you like silent movies, because I didn't feel like talking in this one!!

Aren't all the tags beautiful?!!  I LOVE every one of them!!  My thanks to Chiara, Shannon, Li, Veronica, and Elizabeth!!!

So what's next on my to do list?

I've got a potholder to crochet, and a set of tags I'm working on, and I'm also working on a junk journal!  What's a junk journal, you ask?   Well, hang in there for me, because I'm hoping to share that sometime soon too!

Have a great day, and thanks so much for stopping by!