Friday, August 27, 2010

A Little Green Frog

There's a little green frog 
sittin' here at my house...
A pretty little frog,
quiet as a wee mouse,
but glad it's time to conclude this game,
mix the entries up, and pull out a name.

Now there's one little frog 
headin' to a new house!

Ribbit! Ribbit! Ribbit!

Gosh, I hope you all will "frogive" me for running so late on this drawing!  There have been several things going on around here that have sidetracked me a bit; but now that I've finally gotten to it, CONGRATULATIONS  to...


aka, Gramcracker!!  I couldn't be hoppier..  er..  happier!!  Sherry, please send me your full name and address so I can send your little green frog on her way to you!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Froget Me Not

Cute title?..  What do ya think?!  I thought maybe it was at least a little clever, considering I haven't posted in a while, and then what I've put together over the past several days or so! On and off, I've been working my little crochet hook, along with all my green scrap yarns, and a cute little pattern for "Happy Frogs", that I found over at a blog called mindnsoul!  It started with one frog, of course...  And then I thought it was so cute, and worked up so quickly, that it would be fun to start another...   then another... and next thing you know, I had seven little frogs!

It was funny, as I crocheted them, one song kept crossing my mind.  It was a song I remember from a Burl Ives record album, when I was just a kid...   and some of the words went...

"There's a little green frog swimmin' in the water..
a little green frog, doin' what he oughter.
He jumped right off of the lily pad.
The little duck bit, and he said "I'm glad
I'm a little green frog, swimmin' in the water...
Ribbit!  Ribbit!  Ribbit!"

Well, I had so much fun picking out colors and ribbons and flowers for their little dresses too...  And well, one froggy song got me thinking of another froggy song, and next thing ya know...   

Here they all are, just sittin' pretty, having heard word that a Mr. Froggy is lookin' to go a courtin'...   just hopin' that he'll come hoppin' over to their lily pads with candy, flowers, and sweet talk!!  But these poor little gals better not hold their breath.  From what I heard, Mr. Froggy's been knockin' on Miss Mouse's door instead!..   Oh well, don't worry girls.  There are plenty more frogs in the pond where he came from!

Actually, one of my little frogs is on her way to a dear little girl I know, who fell off her bike recently.  She hit the pavement pretty hard, which resulted in emergency dental work, and I heard she was hurting pretty bad.  So I'm hoping one of my little frogs will cheer her up some...  Another one of these little ladies will be sitting on Dear Daughter's desk at school, when she starts another year of teaching; while I think one may be mailed to a dear friend I haven't heard from in some time, so off they'll go, hop, hop, hop to their new homes...  Then I plan on putting a few away for Christmas gifts...

But, hmmm...  That still leaves one last cute little frog!  Whatever shall I do with her?  Well, while I've been gone, hoping you all haven't forgotten about me, I came to find I reached the 200 follower mark!  So I think I'd like to give away one of my little frogs (and maybe a few other little goodies), in honor of the occasion!  If you think you'd like to win one, just leave a comment for THIS post, and I'll throw your name into the drawing!  The winner will be announced this coming Tuesday, August 24th.

So, other than that, I've been keeping busy, as usual!  I finished the book "Eat Pray Love", by Elizabeth Gilbert!  If you read it too, please tell me what you thought...  I LOVED it!  Chapter 60 made me cry, while I thought one of the funniest excerpts was in Chapter 68...

"...but I know my thought patterns so well now that they don't bother me anymore.  My thoughts have become like old neighbors, kind of bothersome but ultimately rather endearing ---  Mr. and Mrs. Yakkity-Yak and their three dumb children, Blah, Blah, and Blah.  But they don't agitate my home.  There's room for all of us in this neighborhood."

Then I saw the movie with Dear Daughter recently!  I loved that too!  Raise your hand if you'd like to book a plane trip, a bunch of us, so that we can ALL pig out in Italy...  find peace (and shop, ha! ha!) in India...  and then go to Bali to each find our OWN Felipe!!  Sound good to you?!..  Sounds good to me!

Then today, Dear Son and I went to see the movie "Toy Story 3"!  I loved that one too!  I thought it was very well done, and I cried at the end, of course!..  But I got the biggest kick out of all the laughs and giggles I heard throughout the theater, from all the little kids watching the movie!  It wasn't difficult to tell how big a hit this movie was to them!!

Well, I hope this finds everyone in such good spirits today!  May all your hearts be young with laughter and giggles!...   And don't "froget" to leave a comment!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beansie Put The Kettle On!

Oh my gosh, it's Tuesday, and I'm about to miss another Tea Time Tuesday, hosted by Sandi, at Rose Chintz Cottage & Inspirations!

Hurry, hurry... Beansie put the kettle on!  Start brewing the tea, and setting things up!  

I'm so glad you could stop by, just in time!  Won't you sit down and have a cup with me?  Everything's just about ready now, and it's a beautiful, bright and sunny morning, isn't it?

"Light is sweet, and it is pleasant for the eyes to behold the sun."
(Ecclesiastes 11:7)

Like the majority of our days this summer, it sounds like it's going to get a lot warmer later on, though, so let's just enjoy a nice cup of hot tea while the morning temps are still cool enough!..

The kids and I were out and about shopping one day, and having dropped by a local thrift shop, I came across this little teapot!  I loved the purple, the polka dots..  Oh, and that sweet little bird, sitting atop of this little table set for tea!

Well, you know the story from there!  I just loved it, and in an instant I seized it from the store shelf, and knew I had to bring my new found treasure home with me!!

Oh, now here we go!  Now we're talkin'!  How does some fresh baked zucchini bread sound to you?...

Good?  Let me just slice and warm some up then!

I picked up this little piece some time ago, and simply have NOT found the time to show it to you yet, but here it is!  I was told it could be used as either a sugar bowl or a butter dish.  

For either purpose, I just loved the design and colors of the piece.  I think I will more often use it as a sugar bowl, but it might be nice to serve butter in as I set the table for something like Mother's Day or Easter morning, don't you think so?

I found a wonderful surprise in my mailbox, just yesterday!  I participated in the Potholder Swap at Aunt Pitty Pat's, and this is what my swap partner, Cynthia, from Home Matters 1st, had sent me!  

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this quilted, Halloween potholder, done in a log cabin pattern!!

Oh, I do hate to rush my favorite season, Summer, but I can't wait to display this when it comes time to decorate for Halloween!  Thank you Cynthia!  (Actually, I just sent Cynthia's package out, and she should be getting that soon..  I can't wait till she gets it, and hope she likes it!)  

Well, as usual, I've been busy with all kinds of things lately.  There is always housework, of course, and then errands to run, for one thing and another...  But in my free time, aside from reading, or watching a little t.v., and even getting a couple of letters handwritten and sent out, here are some of my latest crafty endeavors...

I made myself a Quick Kitchen Helper set, from a Crochet Soiree pattern, found HERE!

Actually, I'm very excited about winning second place in their recent Christmas In July Challenge!  I'm told my prize, a Mimi Crafters Handbag, will be coming soon, so I am VERY excited about that!

I've had one small project sitting,
just waiting for one last touch...  

My "Pearls of Wisdom" Jar,  is inspired by the Pearls Jars, and Ps 139 Jars, over at Treasures From The Heart!  My jar does not have quite the beautiful antiqued look that Barbara Jean's jars have, but I'm very happy with it!  I love that I could add the big pearly button from my grandmother's button collection to the front of it, the way I did.  I think she would have liked it!...  I've had the jar done for a while now, but all I needed to add were the scriptures!  Every chance I get, kind of like adding your pennies to a piggy bank, I jot down a favorite scripture, roll it up into a scroll, and place it into the jar.  I have 21 scriptures in it so far.  I keep it on my bedside table, within easy reach, to look upon whenever I like, or may find need to.  You can find Barbara Jean's tutorials HERE, and HERE.

Next, I found the cutest little kitchen towel, right at my local CVS store!  This misplaced city girl loves roosters and cows in her little country kitchen (dream, dream, dream), so I brought this right home, got out some red yarn and my crochet hook, and then made this!...

I just love the red polka dot bow on this little cow's head!
(she squeals with delight!!)  ...How the simplest things
can bring such joy!

"O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good;
for His steadfast love endures for ever!"
(Psalms 106:1)

I also made a new hat, recently, but haven't got pictures yet, so I'll get to that eventually...  in my next post, hopefully!  As I've gotten those projects done now, I hope to now bounce back to my Blessings project, and work on my next square(s) for that.

Oh boy...  As I check the clock, I know there's much to be done today.  It's hard to believe it's August, and I can't help but wonder why Winter can't fly by so quickly as Summer always does!  Still, no matter the weather, I know I must remember God's love and promise to us, and to thank God, that I am so blessed for every day I wake up to!   

"While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, 
cold and heat, summer and winter, 
day and night, shall not cease."
(Genesis 8:22)

I know there are many blessings to be found in every season!  It just feels like I have to squint a little harder, to find the beauty of Winter!  I know it's there...   if I just look close enough!

Thank you so much for stopping by!  
I hope you enjoyed your visit here today!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Friendship Day

Woke up this morning to find that today is National Friendship Day!  So I thought I'd pay a small tribute of my own to the occasion...

"This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.  Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.  You are my friends, if you do what I command you."  
(John 15:12-14)

Happy Friendship Day to all my blogging sisters and friends!

...And hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend!