Monday, February 8, 2010

Some Superbowl Blues

Sigh.. Yes, here it is Monday.. Blue Monday, infact, graciously hosted by Smiling Sally each and every week! But I'm afraid I have no blue treasures to share today. Instead of displaying my blues, I'm FEELING the blues!

You see, last night was the big game.. The Superbowl! Two wonderful teams were playing each other, and of course, one team had to lose in the end. I was just really hoping it wasn't my team, the blue team.

Yes, I had my hopes up, and all the snacks and beverages ready and set up for the occasion.. some in the dining room, and some in the kitchen! The blues were feeling and looking pretty good, as the game was just about to begin!

See the football cake, I made? Why, I even made blue jello, in all my team spirit!.. not that anybody touched it.. I guess maybe I'll have some with my lunch today!

However, while the Indianapolis Colts started out well in the first half, the New Orleans Saints pulled ahead in the second half, and won the game 31-17.

Why I can't even drown my sorrows with shopping! The salt was just getting rubbed into my wounds even MORE, when this morning I find one of my shopping channels has Superbowl Champs merchandise on the air, all in black and gold, with little Fleur-de-Lis emblems all over them!

Baby cry Pictures, Images and Photos

Yes, I think I'm feeling a little in the mood for some blues music, but I don't want my visitors feeling blue TOO! So here's a little compromise I came across, since I'm feeling a bit of a cry baby today!

Now see? Did that make YOU smile?! It certainly made ME smile! Even the mother was BLUE! In fact, I'll bet this song will take my mind off the game, and be stuck in my head ALL DAY today!.. Ya think?! Oh dear. Of course, I guess I should extend my apologies ahead of time, if you should find it has the same effect on you!

Moving on, today is Day 8 of The Fourteen Days of Love, hosted by Liz at Brambleberry Cottage! Today's theme is "Must Love Pets"!

So here are our three! These photos were taken last Easter!

Many of you may remember Ubu, our cocker spaniel! He is six years old. Only a snack could have possibly held him so still and so nicely for THIS photo!

Next, you see the Queen Bee of the three, Little Miss Skyler! She is seven years old now. She is a nice cat in general, and absolutely beautiful!.. But she is a somewhat nervous sort. A group photo of the three pets all together is quite out of the question, as far as she's concerned. She definitely likes her space from the other two, who are like brothers!

And this is the newest member to our family, Tuffy! This big boy is two years old now.

Yes, this is our little crew of furbabies here! I hope you enjoyed your visit here today.. I would never want YOU leaving here, feeling blue! In all my desire to be a good sport, I do want to congratulate the New Orleans Saints and all the fans today! Thanks to everybody so much for stopping by, and I hope you will pay a visit with both Sally and Liz today, to see the fun that's happening on this fine Monday all over Blogland!



Thursday, February 4, 2010

Are You Wearing Red?

Today is National Wear Red Day. Are you wearing your red today?

Certainly, we can all find SOMETHING red today.. Yes?

Maybe a cute little red dress, like this one?

How about a red hat? I do LOVE a pretty hat like this!

Even a little red necklace would be nice, don't you think?

Perhaps some red high heels?

Or maybe you're just a jeans-n-sneakers kinda girl! That's fine too!

Well, while it may be fun playing dress-up like this, in reality, we all need to support the movement to spread the word that heart disease doesn't really CARE what you wear at all! It is important we all know the facts!

For instance, did you know heart disease is the number one killer of women?

Did you know most women begin developing heart disease at a very young age? An average of one in every five teens has high cholesterol already!

One in every 3 women die of some form of heart disease.

Nearly 2/3 of the women who die suddenly of a heart attack had no prior symptoms.

The more you learn, the scarier it can be, but we can do more to beat the statistics! You can greatly lower your risk simply by living a healthier lifestyle. Eat properly. Exercise. Quit smoking! A doctor may prescribe medication, if necessary. There's even a quiz you can take HERE to find out more information that could perhaps further help you individually.

Well, I just wanted to share this today, because I have made so many wonderful acquaintances and good friends here in Blogland, and I care about my friends! So I just want us all to take good care of ourselves so that we can STAY friends!.. O.K.??

That Betty Boop is a real doll, isn't she? Ya gotta love her!

Here's one of my own dolls, I thought I'd share today! She's one of my favorites! See the red hearts valentine garland I've been working on too? You can find the pattern for these hearts right HERE.

Yes, Marilyn's all dolled up in her finest red for today! I hope you are too!

By the way, this is Day 5 of Brambleberry Cottage's Valentine's Party! Be sure to visit Liz, and all the participants there!

Today's theme is "Seeing Red"!!.. Well, of all things! I'm glad I could play along today! For the little bit of "FYI", and for the fun of dressing up in your favorite reds, I hope you enjoyed your visit here!